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Tamad na mag-gym

I've been going to the gym for 4 months now and I'm losing interest in it. I have 2 more months of membership. Any tips on how I can motivate myself?


  • ummm mag sama ka ng friend.
  • Buy the book BODY FOR LIFE by Bill Phillips and see if it won't motivate you. Sa presyo pa lang ng libro, siguradong mamomotivate ka!
  • try changing your program ... or better yet, try other activities then alternate your workout with those activities para hindi paulit ulit.
  • blakedaddyblakedaddy Moderator PEx Moderator
    mindset yourself look in the mirror and see if you are totally happy with the way you look. if you're not, that's more than enough motivation. remember, results take time so work hard and the results will come
  • If you've been religiously in your work-out for the last 4 months, chances are you're overtrained. It's actually viable to take a break from gym every now and then akin to taking a vacation from work.

    Like blakedaddy said, it's all about focus. There was a time I actually felt the same way, but I transcended the sloth in me. It might be a phase, just like it was with me.
  • I agree with Leif. Get the book BODY FOR LIFE, and see if the success stories there won't inspire you!

    Maybe your workouts are too long, lasting more than 1 hour each time. Maybe you do treadmill and bicycling exercises for 30 minutes or longer, so of course you'll get bored.

    Try the BODYFORLIFE routine, or just join boxing classes because boxing is a good alternative to people who just aren't made for gym workouts with weights and cardio machines. Believe me, there are some who just aren't cut out for that.
  • blakedaddyblakedaddy Moderator PEx Moderator
    two quotes that get me going in life

    "Success in life is bound to happen, you cannot fail, only quit"

    " If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got"
  • Those are very good mottos, Blake!
  • Maybe the price of your membership is enough to motivate you to the gym.

    Apart from the benefits i am getting from my work out, my monthly dues is more than enough to go the gym and get my money's worth :-D
  • Reasons to work out with weights:

    1. You don't want to be soft and wheelchair-bound when you're 80.

    2. You DO want to reach 80 and 90, don't you? :)

    3. You want to be strong enough to play with your future grandkids.

    4. You want to save money on future doctor's bills for illnesses you can avoid by training with weights such as osteoporosis, strokes, etc.

    5. You want to be strong enough for daily pressures of living that what stresses most (smoking and drinking) people out is chicken feed for you, or at least just a pesty nuisance, and not a major concern as it is for them.

    6. Being healthy for its own sake is always good.
  • get a workout partner

    join different group exercises like aero, taebo, body jam(it's like dancing), etc. check your gym membership if these are free with your package

    if possible, do outdoor activities every week that would substitute your cardio sessions at the gym like jogging, rock climbing, cycling, brisk walking, swimming.

    attend badminton or tennis classes once in a while

    remember: working out doesn't always have to be inside the comforts of a gym! =)
  • If you would hear my advice, here it is.No amount of reading books or coaxing by friends will really make you go workout.You have to dig deep in yourself and find that spark that will make you more aggresive in whatever endeavor you go into, in this case going to the gym.No amount of diet, right eating, etc. will make you loose weight.Take it from me.I started doing martial arts with gym training in hand and never even changed my diet and all the people say I lost a lot of weight and asks what's my secret.Secret? I say train like there is no tomorrow.

    They always want to know the "secret".How did you do it?What plan did you follow?What diet is that? My answer, "get off your lazy ***!"

    For newbies in physical training of any kind I do not recommend training till you really feel the muscle burn coz you really have to have a background and knowledge to distinguish whether it is a burn or an injury.Also you do need the right instruction on how to perform exercises right then just discard the useless.In my case I know my body and I know when I'm pushing it which I most of the time due and I do know when it is an injury.Believe me, diet are for suckers or unless you want to compete in Mr. Philippines. Mag diet ka na when your in the next level when you can't advance or shape your body the way you want it.For starters, no need.

    Workout like your a warrior.Workout like your life depended on it.Work out till you drop.Tell me in 2 months if that didn't put your stamina and your body right.
  • motivation ko eh yung bet ko with my friends..

    medyo malaki yung pot eh kaya motivated ako na ma fulfill yung goal..so far so good :D

    di ako gym rat talaga, i too have a membership sa local gym namin, pero kapag tamad ako pumunta, i bike or play basketball until ma motivate ako ulit to walk into the gym itself :D
  • blakedaddyblakedaddy Moderator PEx Moderator
    always set a goal for yourself and have short term and long term goals
  • sana may makasagot ng mga tanong ko, para saan ba specifically ang:

    a. shoulder press
    b. barbell curl/biceps
    c. bench press

    at meron pa bang ibang way para lumiit ang tummy mo aside from sit-ups? saka ano ang best exercise para lumaki ang chest, problem ko kasi yan eh push-up ba makakatulong?

  • shoulder press pang shoulders
    barbel curl pang biceps
    bench press dapat pang chest pero mararamdaman mo sa biceps.
  • Arrghh.. I have to go back na sa Fitness First. Ang taba taba ko na. :mad:
  • Ako rin Leo_Wyatt, pare. I need to work out again. I'm getting soft na.

    Sa Fitness First din ako, passport, but right now I work out in Makati. Dito ka rin ba?
  • Originally posted by Brandon96
    Ako rin Leo_Wyatt, pare. I need to work out again. I'm getting soft na.

    Sa Fitness First din ako, passport, but right now I work out in Makati. Dito ka rin ba?

    Most likely. I plan to enroll pa lang sa FITNESS FIRST in Robinson's Summit. Ngayon pa lang ako magpapa-member. Kaka-hire ko lang kasi dito sa isang company located in the same building. I am still analyzing if my job will be able to support my membership in FF. Pero mukhang magiging stable ako dito eh. Then I'll pay na may membership this 2nd week of October. ;)
  • blakedaddyblakedaddy Moderator PEx Moderator
    It is always a good decision to start working out
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