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caving group now accepting new applications for membership

As a kid, we’re you ever the type that liked to explorer places, always climbing up things or crawled under something just to satisfy your intense curiosity?

would you like to relive that feeling of discovery, to go to places no one else has seen before?

My caving and exploration group is now accepting new members. The organization is one of the premier caving groups in the country. We survey and map caves, explore them using the latest techniques and established safety protocols, and conduct biological and geological assessment and studies. We even have a cave diving team to explore submerged sections.

New members will learn basic caving, cave survey and mapping, speleology, vertical techniques and much more. We are not conducting tour groups. If you make it into the group, you will definitely be exploring and bringing light to places untouched by humans, well beyond the tourist paths.

All that’s required is the interest and enthusiasm to attend lectures and training on weekends for the duration of the training (november to January), relatively physical fitness and good swimming skills. Training is free but note that being an applicant doesn't mean that you'll automatically become a member; you still need to pass practical and written tests.

Mountaineering / camping skills are ok but not a requirement. A background in sciences such as geology, geodetic engineering, hydrology, biology, hydrogeology is a definite plus. Geeks and nerds are definitely welcome :)

If you’re interested, please PM me


  • how much will equipment cost?

    btw, i work the night shift, will this be a problem. i also have excellent swimming skills, albeit lacking in practice and excercise lately.
  • for basic caving gear, used in horizontal caves, you'll need the following:

    a headlamp
    2 other sources of light (flashlights, etc.)
    sturdy footwear
    a sturdy bag to carry individual supplies and gear

    you will be taught how to assemble a caving kit and what to take with you. the most expensive item in the list is the headlamp. there are lots of choices and you will learn the advantages and disadvantages of each lighting system.

    for vertical caving (descending and ascending on rope), the equipment is a bit extensive and expensive. But you don't have worry about that yet. This will be taught as an advanced skill and the organization has group equipment to use.

    Other specialized mapping and surveying equipment is owned by the org and you will use them when you learn surveying and mapping.

    lectures and classes will be on weekends and maybe Friday nights.
  • mister_G, I am really interested. is this more than just spelunking as a hobby? :) how do we get started?
  • first, its called caving. spelunking is another word for it but it's so antiquated and is often used to describe sightseeing in caves. LOL . let me put it this way: tourists go spelunking. Serious explorers do caving. :D

    you can start by PM me. be ready to undergo training and selection. not everyone gets to be a member. Lectures and lessons will be conducted on weekends.
  • mac_bolan00mac_bolan00 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    interesting. i was a professional geologist for 7 years. 5 of that was spent in underground mines. i also entered natural caves for a while when we were exploring for guano (bat sh|t).

    my forte is undergound geologic mapping.

    if you require a headlamp, that means you must wear a hard hat as long as you're underground, right? in the mines, no one is allowed to enter the tunnels without a hard hat, safety belt and boots.
  • yes, we require helmets on all trips underground. The helmets have to be "caving-friendly", which means it fits the requirements for safety in caves.

    the load bearing belt is also good to have. I wear one. but some may think this is not necessary. the footwear has to be able to withstand the rigors of caving. and caves are very very hard on what you're wearing. I'm still searching for the right boots. the best caving boots I know are only available abroad.

    Want to join us, mac_bolan00? :D
  • Off-topic:

    Mac Bongolan, Juventus ka ba?:)

    Wala ka bang Friendster or Myspace, pare?:D
  • Hey, Mister G! hehehehhe

    I was hoping you could share with me your pictures so that we can get them published again at Manila Bulletin...

    Just a cute girl from the block...;-) K.
  • i want to join ma'am... i have traversed one cave already ma'am, the alayan cave, and the experience is so so so great!!!!.... please email me the details... [email protected]
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