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Samurai 7 (the 7 samurai)

ron_8ron_8 Banned by Admin PExer
hello, sino sa inyo nanunuod nito, grabe nagagandahan ako dito, it rocks! currently upto ep 10 available (fansubs) dl ko ung anime-keep version... sino sa inyo nanunuod nito, ang astig talaga...


  • jeremyvjeremyv Tambay ng Taguig PExer
    I watched up to episode 4 and downloaded up to episode 10. It seems interesting e, mixing feudal japan with scifi elements though medyo mahirap magcompete itong version na ito compared to its original (seven samurai) at yung adaptation (magnificent seven) which were well made. Pero mga young adults pababa naman manonood nito so heck! who cares nga naman sa mga classics if you could have a more visually stunning adaptation right now
  • Jazzy JapsJazzy Japs Soul Slayer PExer
    OK and fansub ng Anime-Keep, kaso it seems they haven't decided on the subtitle font to use yet. Their font for Episode 7 was darn near unreadable and was thin.

    Also their releases are not as consistent before, since Eps. 3-4 were released by Lunar 2 days before they did (kaya Lunar ang Ep. 3-4 ko). But now halos sabay na lang sila ng Lunar.

    Yeah, it's a rather "bizarre" adaptation of Akira Kurosawa's classic, but as jeremyv mentioned, it's shounen-action, so as long as the fights kick a$$ (which they do), then the younger group will eat it up.

    Besides, I doubt any of them are even aware, much less have seen the classic film! :lol:
  • jeremyvjeremyv Tambay ng Taguig PExer
    hahahaha! I'm getting Lunar na instead since its faster to download sa situation ko.
  • Jazzy JapsJazzy Japs Soul Slayer PExer
    One more "minor" gripe sa AonE...they're not consistent with the codecs/4cc they use for encoding...sometimes it's DivX, others it's "pure" xvid. Some encodes don't "output" to VCD well without tweaking. Usually I just use the default settings in TMGEnc and just run.

    Lunar's Episodes 3-4 had really FAT fonts, but they were readable. But the font weight is a little distracting. Has this changed in their latest eps, jeremyv?
  • jeremyvjeremyv Tambay ng Taguig PExer
    its still the obese fonts
  • ron_8ron_8 Banned by Admin PExer
    thanks sa feedback guys, kala ko ako lang nanunuod nito..
    ok tong anime na to, mas may dating pa nga to (para sakin) kesa sa hip hop champloo eh hehe
  • kennakenna Member PExer
    samurai champloo is FUNNIER than samurai 7 but Samurai 7 seems more RELEVANT and has a very good storyline than champloo.
    in samurai champloo, it tells the trio's (mugen, jin and the girl) MISadventures while looking for the samurai who smells like SUNFLOWERS(duh?? ang babaw!! it wasn't explained yet why the girl wants to look for him!)
    in samurai 7, the village girl was tasked to find samurais to protect their village from the "bandits-robots" who always take/confiscate their rice harvests from them, leaving them hungry all the time! it has more solid theme.
    funny thing is I LIKE BOTH OF THESE ANIMES altho champloo seems like SILLY at some times! i think, it ahs an edge more on Samurai 7 in the ENTERTAINMENT VALUE.ha!ha!ha!
  • Jazzy JapsJazzy Japs Soul Slayer PExer
    I don't think you can compare both, even though if they have the same genre... Champloo is mostly a comedy, and it's obvious from it's episodes that it doesn't take itself too seriously, and yes, the story is SHALLOW. :glee:

    Samurai 7 is more SERIOUS and has DEEPER story, and rightfully so, since it is based on one of the greatest samurai film classics. Instead of an animated remake of the original movie, they added the "futuristic, robotic bandits" as the enemy, and created a whole other universe, but with still the underlying story of the classic film.

    At any rate, I watch them both, and these have been my usual anime fare nowadays along with FMA and Naruto!

  • VanmanVanman The Dez PExer
    i think Lunar's subs are............. let's just say they aren't good

    if you're gonna portray a character without proper education through subs, it is not advisable to do it by using bad grammar. there are a lot of ways to do this, one of which is that they should have used simple words for that character.

    this was the reason why i deleted every Lunar Samurai Seven ep i downloaded after i watched a couple of eps from Akeep.
  • ron_8ron_8 Banned by Admin PExer
    i dl anime-keeps version also, seems like a-keep has built a good reputation for me, anyway mas gus2 ko samurai7 kesa sa champloo AS OF NOW, mas cool un story and un mga characters, not to mention amazing fight scenes
  • LongBowLongBow elementary,my dear watson PExer
    I loved the film.haven't seen the anime version.kurosawa rocks!
  • VanmanVanman The Dez PExer
    faithful naman yung anime sa movie (somewhat)....... if the anime follows the movie more, expect to see the axe-weildin samurai die first (heihachi).
  • Rascha_DRascha_D Citizen of Sanctuary PExer
    Samurai 7 just got licensed in the US. ANBU will no longer do it. I wonder if they will release the other episodes now. :(
  • ron_8ron_8 Banned by Admin PExer
    poteks! nalicense na? waaaaaaaaaaa
    meron pa ba mag susub nito T_T
  • Jazzy JapsJazzy Japs Soul Slayer PExer
    No Way, it's licensed already?!? Awwww.... :(

    Let's just hope that A-Keep will do like they did with FMA... ( "Spoon" fansub, anyone? hehehe :lol: )
  • sasukesasuke kriegspiel PExer
    lolz, itutuloy yan ng Spoon Fansubbers :lol:
  • ron_8ron_8 Banned by Admin PExer
    balitaan nyo naman ako dito kung sino mag continue sub
  • rqzaratarrqzaratar Heart Lover boy! PExer
    ano un?
  • rinoarinoa Assassin's Ho PExer
    sheeeet. and here i was just going to dl a-keep/anbu episodes 3 and up. ;____; meron pa ba **** nito! wahahaha.
  • jeremyvjeremyv Tambay ng Taguig PExer
    naipit ako sa 12th ep. umuusad pa ba ang fansubbers?

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