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I fell in love with a teacher...

...a teacher at the same school I'm entering to.

She's a fresh graduate of a country's prestigious university, beauty and brains and well-endowed, and this lady's really got some positive attitude to attract a guy (though she's single). She's also 20 years old (I am 4 years older than her). Problem is she's teaching in the school where I'm going. Fortunately, there'll be no chance that she can be my teacher as I'm on my major subjects and she's teaching minors. She's also a daughter of a judge and she'll be taking up law soon. this lady, I swear got a promising career in the future. Hay, I fell in love with this teacher...

Some dilemma I got here, guys! :weep:

What must I do? Any suggestions? I need help, guys. Maybe you can also share some experiences here. :(


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