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Are you a 20-something single?

If you are,

check out www.angelfire.com/amiga2/twentysomethings/index.html

Our site needs a bit of an overhaul, but it'll do for now :)


  • QuentinQuentin PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    can i like, skewer you, skin your flesh off, bleach your bones white, and turn them into wind chimes?
  • I'm proud to be twenty-something and SINGLE and AVAILABLE :)
  • Quentin, did you have an unhappy childhood? Or were you just dropped on your head when you were a baby?

    No need for psychotic, crass statements. If you aren't interested or if you think that our idea is, LIKE ,stupid, you don't have to join.

  • I'm 20-something single and available too but I don't think I want to date ladies I met off the internet. It's just not for me.

    And besides, my heart is already reserved for someone.
  • If you're serious 'bout your site, I suggest you really work on it. As in now na! Go!! :p It could work, pero fix the layout naman! Don't advertise like that, you'll lose your market.

    I empathize Quentin.
  • sunset7sunset7 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    yup. im 20 something single & im definitely having the time of my life!

  • me too! ^^^
  • I'm single...:) happy? Okay lang..sometimes confused but making the most of my single life. Scared lang kase baka masanay and maging old maid. heheheeheh wag naman sana..
  • twenty-something and single.

  • forgot to add...im also twenty-something.. hehehe

    cheers to all twenty-something singles. :)
  • 20 sumtn n single here :wave:
  • young, free and single! lovin' every minute of being one.. :)
  • 20 something me
    single pa 2!
  • 20 someting single for 20-something years...and LOVING IT!!! ORALE!!!
  • Yes I am single, & I am damn very proud to be one. Confirmed singles rock! *okay*
  • six days to go and i'll turn 25...damn! i'm not gettin any younger and i'm still single! yup! 25yrs of singlehood...so what's my reasOn?...hmmm...i think being single is by choice...so i guess i chose to be single?! well, when i was in my younger years or should i say in my teens...i have a lot of fears...scared to get hurt...scared to fail a relationship...scared of commitment...coz i let myself believe that it's better to end up marrying your first bf too...first and last! so i pushed all my suitors away coz i know i'm still young and it's not gonna last...even though i kinda like some of them...then in my late teens...i fell in love with my bestfriend...i don't wanna ruin the friendship so i kept it myself...until i left for the states...we know that our "friendship" is special and so we kept in touch. i guess it's just not the way it should be...he fell for another girl...someone who's closer to him. i guess long-distance drama would never work out for me! or maybe he just really don't love me the way i love him...i let myself believe that he does...and that hurts more...believing into something that never was. for six long years he's still the one that i want...the one that i long for...the one that i love...i still don't open my doors to others who patiently knocking at my door...i maybe single today coz i'm still hopin that in the end he's still the one for me...and me for him...or it's simply because the right one hasn't come along...
    so the saga of being single continues...
  • Belong p pala ako s bracket na ito!
  • yeah! 20 and single

    *pumpkin* :vampy: Happy Halloween! :bat: :witch:
  • Me! Me!

    Single din ako.

    No plans of getting into another relationship.

    Siguro I'll get into one during my early thirties na lang.
  • badasschickbadasschick PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    20-something and single here.

    This is the best time to be single: I can go wherever I want, do whatever I want. I can hop on a plane and fly to Singapore with friends anytime, or go out on dates with different guys just for the fun of it, or just stay at home and read a book on a weekend. No hassle.

    Sigure when I'm in my late twenties I'll start looking, but at this time, it's me-first time muna.
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