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do you think its ok having an older bf/gf?

weve been hearing actresses/actors going for older and younger partners... but i was wondering in real life, do u think its really ok to date older men?/younger men or women, does it sound pathetic or... its jst alright?

hope to hear from everyone..


  • LodRoseLodRose Grok Offline or Go Pfft! PExer
    'tis no longer an issue, age difference.

    my 2 cents worth.
  • rusyanjillrusyanjill Member PExer
    ok lang to date an older man, basta single ha.
  • Sta|kerSta|ker Iron Chef Gourmet Sandwich PExer
    age doesnt matter.. just only the maturity level counts
  • powerpuffpowerpuff AnGeL!cB!+cH PExer
    age aint nuthin but a number :shrug: if u think ur mature enuf to handle a relationship then go for it :)
  • cRzYcHiQacRzYcHiQa squeeze me. juice me. PExer
    mas important ang maturity ng isang tao. though for me...i still don't like the thought of going out with a younger guy. ewan ko. i like older guys better. ehehe. kanya kanyang trip talaga. ehehe.
  • PeRsIaN_KiTtY25PeRsIaN_KiTtY25 CuTe LiL gUrL!!!!!!!!! PExer
    age is just an illusion haller!!!!!!!!!
  • anne_373anne_373 future mom to a baby girl PExer
    Originally posted by powerpuff
    age aint nuthin but a number :shrug: if u think ur mature enuf to handle a relationship then go for it :)

  • angelic_blueangelic_blue Member PExer
    if you really love a person,age doesn't matter
  • aya_582aya_582 Member PExer
    ok lnag yun,besides who cares kung mas matanda sayo ang tao as long he can take good care of you and syempre nire2speto ka,then go for fact older people are more nice to be with than younger ones na wlang alam kundi magpacute...(",)
  • angelic_blueangelic_blue Member PExer
    i agree wid u aya_582
  • x_roadsx_roads mil wu yan PExer
    syempre ok lang, wag lang ung soooooobrang laki ng agwat (ung para na kayong maglolo at maglola) kasi pangit tingnan. opinyon lang po. pasensiya na kay madam auring.
  • sunset7sunset7 my soul is addicted to you. ✭✭
    i think its just fine.....blame it 2 madame auring its the latest trend nowadays...:D 4 as long as ure mature enough 2 handle the relationship then y not???

  • prettyannprettyann Member PExer
    wla naman sa age yan eh, nasa maturity ng tao yan and how he/she handles their relationship...
  • vava2300vava2300 TagaBasa ng PEx PExer
    Age no gap at all pero dapat hindi naman masyadong matanda na parang lolo na ang gap. Pagdating jan 50 50 ang paniniwala ko na love un lalo na at mayaman ung matanda.
  • kelly_gandakelly_ganda eViL bEaUtY PExer
    i'd still prefer someone who is at least 2yrs younger than me.
  • bishopbishop amdg PExer
    although i'd prefer to date younger women, i'd have no problems dating older ones too.
  • 4ever_heaven4ever_heaven feel mo ba? PExer
    pano kung 14 yrs. ang tanda ng bf mo sayo? pero may 2 anak from her ex, but unmarried. tatanggapin mo pa rin ba sya?
  • deejay23_rndeejay23_rn Member PExer
    age doesn't necessarily mean maturity... sadly it doesn't go hand in hand
  • purpleviewpurpleview Member PExer
    carry lng basta single sya at kung older than me be sure na mas mature sya tlga sakn and responsible for our kids...

    mas prefer ko pa nga tlga older sakin e, se based on stats...

    females are more mature than males. so dpat hndi cla magka-age...pra hndi lumabas n mas matured ang girl... it also applies physically.
  • babygurl_archerbabygurl_archer walking contradiction PExer
    well that depends on how much age gap you guys have.. hehe.. but for me that's fine. pero wag lang super tanda. ahaha =]

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