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HYPOTHETICAL SITUATION: Papayag ka bang Dalawa kayo???

O ano papayag ka ba? Some peeps do it kasi mahal na mahal nila yung guy/girl. Pero sometimes you gotta save your pride too.

Dalawa kayo.. payag ka?




  • HELL NOOH!!! ANO'KO, *****???!??!? grrr.gifOVER MY DEAD, SEXY BODY!!!! I've encountered the challenge already. Granted that I was really devasted to let go of that guy, atleast I managed to give myself SOME dignity I deserve. AT BAKIT AKO PAPAYAG NA MAKISABAY SA ISANG WANNABE NA MANG-AAGAW NG BOYFRIEND???!?!?!?! grrr.gif AKO ANG NILIGAWAN, AKO ANG NASAGOT, KAYA TECHNICALLY SPEAKING BOYFRIEND KO YUN!!! I'M THE LEGAL GIRLFRIEND SO WHY THE HELL SHOULD I COMPETE WITH SUCH A CHEAP, LOWLY, AND ILL-MANNERED PIECE OF JUNK??

    Well, that's for the subjective part. My emotional side, hehe :D

    For the objective side of my thinking, it depends upon the situation and the factors surrounding it.

    If the guy DOESN'T WANT YOU ANYMORE IN HIS MESSY LIFE AND WANTS THE "KABIT" right in front of your pretty face and gorgeous body, WHO THE HELL NEEDS THEM??? YOU'RE TOO GORGEOUS AND SOPHISTICATED TO WASTE YOUR PRECIOUS TIME ON THOSE KINDS OF SPECIES!!! It may hurt, fine, but obviously they don't know how to guard themselves off the scandal! They don't know how to respect YOU!! So why the hell would you still waste your time STOOPING DOWN THEIR LEVEL??!? Just thank God that as early as now, you've seen what kind of people (ehem, species I mean) are they.

    But if the guy still loves you the way that he did when he was still courting you, TORTURE THE WANNABE!!! Kill the "KABIT" SLOWLY by the most torturous (and! take note:CIVILIZED) way you know. KISS YOUR GUY THE MOST LOVING and PASSIONATE WAY IN FRONT OF HER FACE!!! And of course!!! Never get insecure with the 3rd party trying to steal your boyfriend. FIGHT FOR HIM!! IT'S YOUR FIGHT ANYWAY!!! evil.gif

    'Sensya na kung galit na galit akong mag-explain ha. Nangyari na kase sakin pareho e. :D I did both ways when both happened!!!

    I just want to say to this girL who attempted to snag my boyfriend, MANGARAP KA NA LANG. evil.gif She'll be getting the wrathful words she has never received in the entireity of her nonsensical existence. I'M NOT CALLED WICKEDQUEEN FOR NOTHING. reddevil.gif

    Ganun ako katindi umayaw sa pagpayag kung sabay kame o hinde! :D

    [This message has been edited by WICKEDQUEEN (edited 06-18-2000).]

    Let's remain civil, shall we? Some of the words you used were hardly civilized.

    [This message has been edited by Mister Dean (edited 06-20-2000).]
  • lol.gif I rarely post one-sided comments on a reply but this is hilarious. I think you hit it right where it hurts WICKEDQUEEN. I applaud your DEEP and UTTER sincerity and EMOTION on that reply... you couldn't have said it any better. evilgrin.gif
  • No Way!!!
  • Neck-neck niya!!! Andami kong puwede ipalit sa kanya no! Pero kung yung girl-***** lang ang lumalandi sa kanya, sapakin ko siya. Sabi nga ni Jenn sa DC "Get your boobs off him!!!"
  • GilbeyGilbey PEx Rookie ⭐
    i love WICKEDQUEEN!!! I think she said it all... ano pa ang pwedeng sabihin?
  • Why be contented with the crumbs when you can have the whole pie? :D
  • yax-ytterpyax-ytterp ??d?zz????",2,"f93f4e1a0e8402088d31696886123f9fwhH
    opkors nat! sabi nga ni WICKEDQUEEN "ano ko *****?!" lol.gif
  • EinaEina PExer
    Not in this lifetime! First it's two, then three, and the next thing you know, you're part of a three-digit harem!
  • first, we have to see kung ako ba yung first o yung sumunod lang. kung ako yung first, i would feel hurt by what he did (that is, kumuha ng pangalawa). it would seem that he's sending a message na something's lacking in the relationship, either due to him or me. pero hanggang hurt lang siguro kasi i'm not the confrontational type na susugurin yung other party. i wouldn't give them the satisfaction. bop.gif

    pero we have to realize na once in a while, some people really get bored with the relationship kaya naghahanap ng happening. kung ako yung pangalawa, ok lang sa akin na pangalawa lang ako. the fact na alam ko na pangalawa lang ako, i should understand na this 'relationship' is purely based on mutual fun lang talaga. nothing serious. along the way, your partner would choose ONLY one. and i don't hope na ako yon dahil ayoko rin naman na makasama ko sya ng matagalan dahil alam ko na kaya nyang mangaliwa. ang labo ko ba? haha! :D

  • MJMJ PExer
    ok lang, di naman ako seloso eh :rolleyes:
    buti nga yun at least nde humihingi ng commitment yung girl bleh.gif
  • DELISYUSDELISYUS PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    hmmmmmmm............basta ba payag syang 3 sila eh.....
  • Of Course NOT grrr.gif

    Two thumbs up 4 u WICKEDQUEEN! :cool:
  • PARANOIA causes an agonizing animation, its an option I dare not think of.

    goth-home.gif Barely breathing
  • dalawa ba?! ano ko *****?

    Manigas sya!

    hi hunny love.gif
  • no way joze!!! angry.gif
    ano siya hilo????
  • SaintOfKissers, Yax-Ytterp, Gilbey, and millethsky.....MUCHOS GRACIAS, MERCI BEAUCOUP, ARIGATO GOZAIMAS, MARAMING THANK YOU PO!!!! I never thought that my emotional reply would be seen as hilarious but I'm glad I've brought a smile or laughter to you all....Touched ako... blush.gif....TUMABA ANG PUSO KO DUON! :D kase.....tutoo naman diba? Kung ayaw na niya sayo e ba't di pa siya makipag-split?? Kaysa sa manloloko pa siya diba? Or if ever this guy is looking for some sort adventure, I can assure and prove him that it's the WRONG kind.

    Mister Dean, sorry po!
  • HeLL!!! No WaY!!!!! M nOt sTuPiD!!!!! KaPaL NaMaN NiLa.
  • sweet_baby_girlsweet_baby_girl PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    of course "NOT"! it happened to me na b4. there's a third party in our relationship. though i really really love my bf i have to let him go. i dnt want to continue our relationship na may kahati ako s kanya. it really hurts na iwanan ko sya but i think its better kesa naman kami nga at meron pa syang no. 2.... i can't last that kind of relationship. :mad:
  • Ayoko nga. Kaya nga pinapili ko. Kapal nga eh kung ano sinasabi nya sa kin, sinasabi din pala nya sa kanya... Kinausap pa nga ko nung girl after hiwalayan sya ng bf ko, possessive daw ako. Porke ba ayaw ko i-share bf ko sa kanya, possessive na ko? kaiinis noh...
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