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pse907 外国人

There's this show in Discovery. Nice bikes; cheaper alternative to Harley's? Meron kayang gumagawa ng ganyan dito? Gusto ko mga v-twin engines na medyo dumadagundong para astig and enjoyable sa high-way :)

Whattya think?


  • actually, their bikes are a lot more expensive than harleys because they are custom. harleys are factory made. btw, i love that show
  • Dunedain
    Dunedain NINJAneer gone Indie!
    Owning a bike from OC Choppers is like having your car personalized in all the nooks and crannies. Personally, my preferred bikes from OC are the Comanche, Spider-man, and Black Widow.



    Black Widow

  • The Black Widow is my favorite.
    And that show rocks!
  • pse907
    pse907 外国人
    I don't think we have the Discovery Channel at home :(

    I wonder what the handling dynamics of these bikes are? Fat wheel at the back and slim wheel at the front, very low centre of gravity though, makes for stable high-way control I guess. I am just a bit iffy with the slim wheel at front and especially the rake. Hmmmnnn...any bikers round here?
  • I think these bikes go for around $150,000.00 or more!
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