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best TV evangelist.... sino nga b?

jAzZ_mEeHjAzZ_mEeH gAnDaH_aKoH! PExer
A lot of people, who claim to be sent by God, are now being seen on TV propagating what for them is the Word of God. But who among them, do you think is saying the TRUTH? Who among them is a FRAUD? Speak your MIND!



  • mac_bolan00mac_bolan00 Banned by Admin PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    still soriano
  • jAzZ_mEeHjAzZ_mEeH gAnDaH_aKoH! PExer
    soriano? dating daan ka noh?! ur saying "soriano" kc ka-church ka niya noh?!
  • jAzZ_mEeHjAzZ_mEeH gAnDaH_aKoH! PExer
    pipol...... post naman kayo please!!!
  • mac_bolan00mac_bolan00 Banned by Admin PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    no. actually i'm what you'd call an atheist. the only church i belonged to was the catholic church.
  • jAzZ_mEeHjAzZ_mEeH gAnDaH_aKoH! PExer
    eh bkit naman of all the evangelists si soriano?
    u think he's that gud?????????
  • mac_bolan00mac_bolan00 Banned by Admin PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    i answered your question, kiddo.
  • jAzZ_mEeHjAzZ_mEeH gAnDaH_aKoH! PExer
    cge na.... tnx for posting anyway!
  • muzix_tripmuzix_trip Believer PExer
    We all sent by God. Not just Soriano nor Manalo. We also have capability to know bible..

    I really dont like the two of them.. that was just my opinion, for those believers of Manalo and Soriano dont get offended ha peace tyo!! kasi naman they keep banging each other.. even they are mortal enemy, will they just respect God's commandment to love thy enemy? Nagiging katatawanan na lng kasi sila eh..

    Look guys, we all sent by God, even one of us can reach Soriano and Manalo's place. We have our own purpose in life maybe the real you looking to was not yet on stage or camera.

    Just keep your faith...

    peace po tyo!!! I love you all!!!
  • thewormtheworm Member PExer
    Kung sino ang pinaka kawawa at madaming galit SYA yun!
  • muzix_tripmuzix_trip Believer PExer
    bkit ala na nagpo-post d2, settled na ba yun topic?

    wala lang, gusto ko lng makabasa ng ng ibang opinion lalo na mga taga ADD and INC.
  • Paul_AtreidesPaul_Atreides Muad'dib PExer
    Eliseo Soriano is the one I like best. Watching him beats watching Dave Letterman or Jay Leno. He entertains as well as educates.
  • PaulDamascusPaulDamascus Praise be YHWH PExer
    Originally posted by theworm
    Kung sino ang pinaka kawawa at madaming galit SYA yun!

    At yung idinedemanda sa hukuman ng mga tao.
  • roshuathroshuath Member PExer
    bro eli.
  • numetalnumetal Member PExer
    I'm no INC, but I think Eli Soriano contradicts himself a lot with regards to bible teachings. He's got no consistency to speak of.

    With Eli Soriano naman, you can't feel any love or peace when he speaks (preach). He's full of anger and bitterness in criticizing people and things around him. As if ......

    And the worst of Eli Soriano -- his bad language. Wala na siyang pinagkaiba sa "The Osbournes". Sometimes I think he's just clowning -- nangaasar lang.
  • Paul_AtreidesPaul_Atreides Muad'dib PExer
    Who cares. He's the funniest guy on TV and he exposes the other pastors.
  • mac_bolan00mac_bolan00 Banned by Admin PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    eli's obnoxiousness is on purpose, just as INC's direct attack on him is crass and self-serving.

    as regards those inconsistencies presented by ATD, i myself often catch the iglesia people quoting him out of context. whenever eli debunks their claims, the iglesia ni manalo people never answer him directly. instead, they just keep presenting new misquotes.
  • muzix_tripmuzix_trip Believer PExer
    I guess this would be another place for rivalry between ADD and INC... just take it easy ok, you can raise on how do you feel how an evangelist would qualify as "sugo" but please dont start Eli or Manalo's fight here ok...

    Talaga bang sila Eli and Manalo lng ba? should others go for Mike Velarde, Edi Villanueva and whoever just feel free to post it here...

    Im not the thread starter but this one is interesting. We'll see how will you classify evangelist as the righteous one that would fairly lead men in to righteousness.
  • numetalnumetal Member PExer
    Actually there are many, kaya lang nasa headline na naman tong sila Eli Soriano (ADD) at group nila Manalo (INC) lately. Nakarating na yata ng Supreme Court ang kaso nila. Parang circus nga eh!

    Si Bro. Mike Velarde naman, nakikihalo din sa politics. And there are also controversies around him. May party-list pa nga sila eh.

    Si Bro. Eddie Villanueva, tuluyan ng nawalan ng credibility because of his failure in last Presidential election. Hinde pa matanggap na talo siya. Mga anak niya nasa politics din. Meron din silang party-list.

    So in short, may mga sabit! :)
  • numetalnumetal Member PExer
    As for me, I like Pat Robertson of CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network), he’s an American by the way. But they have a local version of their program here being aired at ABS-CBN hosted by a group of Filipino Christians. Marami silang segments so hinde monotonous.

    Very relaxing and inspiring ang program nila. You'll feel good after watching them.
  • Paul_AtreidesPaul_Atreides Muad'dib PExer
    Kung si Moqtada Al Sadr ipapalabas lang sa TV ng may English subtitles papanoorin ko yun... Astig!

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