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why doesn't the Catholic Church sue?

rickymrickym Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
i have heard of several books which go against the teachings of the catholic church to various degrees. if the catholic church claims to be correct and the others wrong, why doesn't it sue. i have heard of the following books. and will be enumerating them and their contents. if i am in error please let me know.

1. da vinci code- not sure if this is included here since some say that it is a work of fiction.
2. holy blood holy grail- says that jesus did not die on the cross, but lived and had children
3. messianic legacy
4. in god's name- i think that's the title, if i'm not mistaken, its about how the catholic church had one of their popes assasinated.

why don't they sue. those books are contraversial to say the least.

1. are there no grounds like defamation?
2. or maybe they will have to go through a technicality which is too tough to hurdle. for example in the philippines i think no one has gone to jail for libel because you must prove that you suffered, there was malicious intent and something else i think. people can just claim they had no malicious intent
3. isn't it rather easy to find one wrong thing in one whole book and question the writer? doesn't the writer have burden or proof
4. maybe both the church and those writers don't have proof
5. or is the catholic church "guilty as charged"?


  • IscharamoochieIscharamoochie Moderator PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    freedom of speech.
  • gekokujogekokujo Original Fire PExer
    libel and defamation specify injury to a specific person or organization, since Christ belongs to all Christians no one can claim being the specific target of books questioning Christ's divinity. otoh, some religious groups have challenged certain works on the grounds of obscenity, problem there is that the latter is an offence against the standards of the community - eh, can any religious group claim its doctrines as the standard of the community as a whole?

    Piss Christ case
  • bubuyogbubuyog buzzzzz PExer
    The lawyer hath spoken. :D
  • morganratemorganrate Free Spirit PExer
    If they are to sue other writers, libel perhaps, for their works, then, it also must imply, that they themselves, the church as you so much put it, must be sued in the grounds similar to that which they would use to others.
  • bubuyogbubuyog buzzzzz PExer
    Besides, what's a libel suit compared to condemning these heretics to an eternity in hell. :grrr:
  • in that case, i wonder if others may sue for the inquisition or the crusades...and other fun stuff.
  • SpartanSpartan Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Probably because only God would have standing to sue?
  • Strawb203Strawb203 I'm not from Baguio PExer
    Because it isn't democratic to impose on anybody what to believe. If you ask me, the church should restrict their powers to condemn only those who are members and adhere to the same rules.

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