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Saan kayo nagpapagasolina?

Ako sa Shell. Kung walang Shell sa Caltex. Paminsan minsan sa Seaoil.

Hindi ko pa natatry iyong gasolinahan na malapit sa Nagtahan bridge. Metro ba ang name nun? Basta ang mura eh. May nakapagtry na ba dito?

OT: totoo ba na kapag Shell or Caltex ang gamit mo eh ok ang takbo ng sasakyan mo or parepareho lang silang lahat?


  • slamm
    slamm runnin on empty
    Petron as much as possible... Either C5 near Valle Verde or in Greenhills EDSA.

    Always be sure of the places you gas up in as there are some stations that could have contaminated fuel.
  • GreatBop
    GreatBop Beerhand Gets Big Pots
    they're all about the same lang.

    anyway as much as possible i go shell.. 2nd choice is caltex.

    and yeah yung places ng gas station is important rin... the fact is, they have to renovate every 7 years or so. dahil yung tanke nila underneath will get contaminated with soil and whatever.

    those get into your gas tank, your car's screwed.
  • Shell exclusively: C5 Taguig, Fort Bonifacio, McKinley, Maya, and San Francisco St. Mandaluyong depende kung saan convenient.
  • Shell. Velocity gamit ko.

    Pero pag pupunta ng province, Petron - XCS naman.

  • shun_sakurai
    shun_sakurai when in doubt, FLAT OUT!
    I usually fill up at Caltex. I get 93-octane regular fuel all the time. I don't have the money to burn on modifications that necessitate burning higher-octane fuel in the first place. :p

    Kung hindi Caltex, usually sa Shell.
  • My story is different.

    I dont refuel in one of them Grocery store/gas station like Wal-Mart or Brookshires (for those who can relate).

    I refuel to most of the Big Gas Company here. Shell, Chevron, Texaco, Phillips 66, etc... It really depends on the gas price. But if theres isnt much difference, I usually go for Shell or Chevron.

    Shell: I believe they have clean fuel. I get better gas mileage.
    Chevron: They have a little fuel additive.. suppose to clean your valves.
  • i usually go to chevron and 76 because their gas is cheaper
    Shell oo din because its the only gas station close to my work in Palo Alto
  • Kung saan pinakmura. But then again is there even a difference in price??
  • Anybody here tried filling at Safeway?
  • shell. good quality. mas mura rin yung malapit sa amin, surprisingly.
  • Dunedain
    Dunedain NINJAneer gone Indie!
    Mobil or Chevron. If I'm in the neighborhood of Redondo, COSTCO.
  • Shell.
  • shell-premier unleaded, caltex-silver, petron-xcs..

    pero xcs para ok sa engine!
  • renegade
    renegade Guerilla Warfare
    For whatever reason, Shell ako exclusively. I don't even know where my brand loyalty comes from. I usually get my gas in the Shell station outside my subdivision for 2 reasons: convenience of location (I can can gauge when I need to load up) and because it's cheaper than the others I've seen around (If you can call 26.44/liter for unleaded cheap!)
  • Shell...
  • geeksquad
    geeksquad geek ng bayan!
    i rarely use caltex .. i notice the car doesnt run welll with it.

    PETRON XCS or Shell :)
  • 76...first one who took MTBE out of their recipe.
  • fRoGgy_buDdY
    fRoGgy_buDdY dImwIt N rEtARD
  • I preffer Petron or any new gas station that sells cheap petrol as long they're Shell, Petron, Caltex or Total. I dont trust the little players too much.
  • Petron Blaze
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