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Telekinesis / Telepathy

fReAkfReAk CPP-NPA Lost Command PExer
anyone into telekinesis and telepathy?
OBE's and NDE's.


  • Im into it..btw, why do u ask?
  • BronbyBronby Member PExer
    uy pde ba matutunan yan?
    wats OBE? NDE?
  • Alt+Ctrl+DelAlt+Ctrl+Del Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    OBE, out-of-body experience; NDE, near-death experience.
  • eudemoneudemon To infinity and beyond! PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    kakatakot naman nyan..
  • YoniPYokAYoniPYokA Member PExer
    Originally posted by Alt+Ctrl+Del

    1st experience : i saw my body sleeping
    2nd " : " " " " Standing and talking to my
  • FenixFenix Member PExer
    Telekinesis / Telepathy? pang X-Men yata yan ah...
    Pero I experienced something weird during one of my sleep paralysis episodes.. I thought I was able to raise my arm, but then I saw that I never did, and then when I looked at the supposedly raised arm it looked like it's made of water, i.e., transparent. :p
  • Bazooka_JoeBazooka_Joe runner PExer
    i have a girl friend. sabi n'ya may telekinetic ability daw ako, kasi pag tinititigan ko s'ya tumatayo daw ang nipols n'ya. :shutup:

  • zacharaiolsenzacharaiolsen keyboardist shooting guard PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    cool ! marameng telekinetic sa israel diba? tipong nakakapag-bend sila ng kubyertos by just staring at it (habang nanginginig yung mukha nila sa sobrang concentration)..

    sabe ng mom ko, nasubukan na daw nya iwan katawan nya, (she was attending witch sessions then) tapos yung mape-predict yung mangyayare or nangyare... i think thats a part of mental telepathy, pero ang talagang meaning nito is yung pwede mong kauaspin ang isang tao by just using ur mind...
  • donggi_boydonggi_boy once you pop you can't stop PExer
    panu ba magkaron nun? i want to experience it

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