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LTO to sell vanity plates

Saturday, August 14, 2004 10:41 PM

LTO to bring in P3.5B with vanity plates project


The Land Transportation Office (LTO) said Wednesday it hopes to generate P3.5 billion in income by implementing the "personalized plate" project for private vehicles.

"It's a good source of income for the government," said Transportation Assistant Secretary Analy Lontoc at the Fernandina Media Forum in Greenhills, San Juan. Lontoc is concurrently the LTO chief.

Lontoc said the fee for a vanity plate ranges from P10,000 to P50,000.

The "limited type," Lontoc explained, is priced at P50,000 per registered plate and will be auctioned off to car owners. "There will be only 105 of these limited type plates issued," she said. A limited type vanity car plate is a minimum of three and a maximum of six alphabet characters (Ex. AAA BBB).

The "premium type" goes for P15,000 with a minimum alphanumeric character number of four and a maximum of six (Ex. AAA 111).

Meanwhile, the "select type" is priced at P10,000 with the car owner given the choice to select his preferred plate character number (Ex. A1B 1C1).

"The good thing about this [vanity plate]," Lontoc said, "is that it is attached to the registrant for life." She said that once the vanity car plate is registered to a motorist, he can transfer the plate to any other vehicle he buys in the future.

"And there is no limit to how many vanity plates a person can own," Lontoc said. However, the vanity plate can only be attached at the back of the vehicle, she said.

Lontoc said that with the project, the LTO aims to generate more income for the government following President Arroyo's orders. In her inaugural speech, the President said government offices should have more income-generating projects to plug the worsening budget deficit.

Lontoc said that the LTO is the fourth government office in line in terms in of revenue-generation. The Bureau of Internal Revenue tops the list, followed by the Bureau of Customs and Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (Pagcor).


  • Dunedain
    Dunedain NINJAneer gone Indie!
    Holy crap! PHP10,000-50,000?! And you can check California DMV and I see none above $100. That's under PHP6,000.
  • NOKiE
    Originally posted by Dunedain
    Holy crap! PHP10,000-50,000?! And you can check California DMV and I see none above $100. That's under PHP6,000.

    And those plates just under $100 are with nice design/theme. Plain and basic vanity plates cost only $41 a pair, and you get to mount them at the back and in front of your ride. Plus you get to put whatever you want provided it's both Kosher and available.

    But I'm surprised vanity plates aren't yet available in PiNAS. It'll be cool to have 'em.
  • For the flexibility you have with the plates I think it's worth it. :) Then again the pricing is directed at those who're vain enough to spend for it.

    I wonder what're the banned letter and number combinations.
  • shun_sakurai
    shun_sakurai when in doubt, FLAT OUT!
    I remember a Top Gear story on some cheeky UK driver that put the following on his ride's plate:

    "PEN15" :lol:
  • shox920
    shox920 Slightly Green Minded
    XXX-666 <---- saw it on a BMW.... cruisin at EDSA
  • i know one rav4.. blue.. 1st ed.. XES 666
  • Originally posted by shox920
    XXX-666 <---- saw it on a BMW.... cruisin at EDSA

    I saw a "DVL 666" once. :grindvl:
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