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jmigsjmigs PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
Post your infos like these (lagay kayo ng pics ha :) )



hinde ako bagay ngumiti sa pic...

Name: Jay
Sex: M
Age: 24
School: Tapos na
Occupation: Pirata, Hacker, scripting...jack of all trade
Interest and hobbies: girls, movies, science and tech, computers, anime, music, biking, writing, SMB, coffee and broadband addict :)
Past Relationships: 2
Contact numbers: just ask...
What type of girl you wanna meet? No idea...anyone?

Please add some options...gabi na wala na ko maisip...

let the ball roll...


  • hmm... kailangan ba talaga yan???? hay... been busy!!! hi to all!!!!
  • jmigsjmigs PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    tagal nyo nman magpost
  • Occupation: Pirata, Hacker
    No you're not. Trust me on this. ;)
  • eto na...arabel, 28, college grad, likes the net, tv/movies, reading, music, mail corresponding...sorry ha hindi ko alam kung paano mag post ng pic:p
  • punta na lang kayo sa friendster to view my pic...hehehe
  • Name: max
    Sex: M
    Age: 24
    School: dlsu-d alumni

    Occupation: entrepreneur/stock and real
    estate investor/weeked car racer/ tactician for world conquest
    Interest and hobbies: business, finance,macro micro economics, tuning cars,computers and phreaking

    Past Relationships: 0 un oficial 3-4 mu daw...

    Contact numbers: talk to the hand

    What type of girl you wanna meet? businessminded girl whom i could take to any 5 star restuarant and still be able to go outside in the streetwalk and eat fishball with me. i dream of the day when i could go to a foreign country to have lunch with you yet when we get back we'd eat balut on the sidewalk. and oh yeah as any guy would pre-requesit. she has to be cute :P
  • ayos ka bro~! hehe goodluck!
  • Silent Max: Bakit MU daw? Hindi ka sure? :)
  • friendsters na lang para masaya!!!
  • i will excercise my right to privacy.

    if anybody wants my friendster adress just pm with also your friendster profile

    life should always be a 2 ways street
  • queenkatiequeenkatie PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Originally posted by SILENTMAX
    i will excercise my right to privacy.

    if anybody wants my friendster adress just pm with also your friendster profile

    life should always be a 2 ways street

  • name: peps
    sex: seldom... ehehe.... Male
    age: 20
    school: DLSU-main
    occupation: student and CCR
    interests: track and field, basketball
    past relationships: 2
  • Oh what the phuck, who knows, I just might get lucky.

    Sex:Not nearly enough
    School:UP Diliman
    occupation: Mobile phone game designer
    interests: Seriously? Almsot everything. Ask me about something and I probably have an opinion about it. But if I had a gin to my head I'd say comics, movies, music, basketball and drawing. Reading too.
    Past relationships:2...or 3. it depends.

    Kind of girl I wanna meet:

    Now before you judge me for being too picky, take note that the following is just a list of qualities I think the PERFECT girl for me would have. Obviously this girl only exists in my mind, but it gives you a good idea of what I'm looking for anyway.

    She has to love the Dave Matthews Band. SHe has to have an open mind. I love women who are really into music and movies. And not just your average pop song or hollywood flick. I mean those who dig deep and look into music and movies no one has ever seen or heard of before. That's the way I am. I try not to stick to the ordinary, so I want someone who appreciates that too.

    Nick Hornby is one of my favorite authors. And so is Neil Gaiman. If she can appreciate them then that would be an unbelievable bonus.

    I want someone I can be comfortable with. Someone who's not too obsessed with material things, but with good conversation over cups of coffee on rainy days.

    And I'll be man enough to admit I'd want someone I'm attracted to, because lets face it, we all want something beautiful, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    Now if you don't think I'm some stuck up ***** with too much to say, send me a message and we'll start on our merry way.

  • omgwtf? ***** is censored? What if said someone had the nerve to ***** me with a needle? Can you say over the top?

    P rick. :P
  • angelic_blueangelic_blue PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Name: amerah
    Sex: f
    Age: 19
    School: informatics
    Interest and hobbies: writing poems and stories,music,volleyball,badminton,
    Past Relationships: 1 ex-bf
    Contact numbers: 09182242244
  • name: sweetchild
    sex: female
    age: 19
    school: exclusive girls school
    occupation: student
    interest: boys!
    past relationships: 1 fling 1 serious!
  • Sta|kerSta|ker PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    name: Raven T.

    sex: Male

    age: 21

    school: DLS-CSB

    occupation: student, photographer and webdesigner (in recruiting for a team)

    interests: sleep, write, sleep, eat, photography, sleep, tv, bum, sleep

    past relationships: 10 flings 10 serious 2 MU

    Contact No.: just PM

    YM: stalkernet01

    Webpage Portfolio: Dear Angel Lara, Sta|ker NET, Space Monkey Web
  • Name: Jan
    Sex: F
    Age: 22
    School: UST medicine
    Interest and hobbies:movies, books,gym, dancing,starbucks

    Past Relationships: 3
    Contact numbers: PM na lang siguro
    What type of guy you wanna meet? uhmm.... ung masarap kausap and responsible with his own life...mature .....
  • this is kinda like a personal ad... i'm game!

    Name: Cat

    Age: stuck at 18... (but actually way past 20!)

    Sex: F

    School: went to UP

    Occupation: paper artist

    Kind of Guy I'd like to meet: homo sapiens!
    Someone with a good sense of humor (that is, witty, ironic, and a bit sick), speaks and writes good english (a must), likes to read books.

    No posers or pseudo intellectuals need apply.
  • arggggg

    what does pusoydo intelectual is?

    kasi i dont know what it explanation is for:D
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