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Juliana Palermo's "Secrets"

starczamorastarczamora Sissie DaToic PEx Moderator
Abangan ang isa pang talk show ng ABC 5 na talaga naman hahanap-hanapin.

Hosted by the lovely Juliana Palermo, Secrets will uncover just about anything...or should I say everything.

Starting Aug 17 9:30 PM

regular sked T-TH 9:30-10PM on ABC 5.


Their test pilot (which will not be aired, sayang) featured Hans Montenegro and his deepest secrets. He narrated of his most outrageous sex story, where he made out with a female he never knew inside an airplane cubicle.


  • hmmm, di ba na - x ang pilot episode

    ang aga ng 930. dami pang gising na bata
  • starczamorastarczamora Sissie DaToic PEx Moderator
    not really, hindi talaga ipapalabas yung test pilot.

    It featured a steamy interview with Hans Montenegro and his wildest encounters. His top on the list would be when he saw a gorgeous lady while riding an airplane. While going in the cubicle, the lady followed him and did it. he even forgot to ask the girl's name.


    You should have seen the sex-related talk show in the UK called "Breakfast in Bed". Obvious naman kung ano'ng oras siya pinapalabas.
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