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America's next Top Model 2

sino nanood nito???? wala lang i find it very interesting...


  • yung sa next episode...bat natumba c shandi?

    i still like the 1st season...well so far...hehehe girls were prettier esp. adrianne and elyse
  • Originally posted by im_the_one
    sino nanood nito???? wala lang i find it very interesting...

    There's a thread about dis topic somewhere... Oh, well... I watched the ANTM 1 re-runs on UPN (& it ended I think last few weeks) & I was instantly amazed to Elyse Sewell... I think she should won dat one.... She's not dat extremely beautiful but there's something in her dat makes you attracted to her...

    Here's her photo on Stuff Magazine... muy caliente!!


    & BTW, ANTM Season 3 will start dis fall.... I'm really excited about dis one!!!
  • Mas gusto ko yung first season, nawala na lang yung interest ko.
    Saan na ba si Adrianne? ok naman na nanalo siya kasi sabi nga di lang ramp model ang dating dapat sellable at puwde sa commercial kaya natanggal si Elyse kasi parang pang ramp lang siya eh. High fashion nga sabi ni Tyra.
  • natumba si Shandi kasi ata naubusan ng hangin dun sa maliit na make-up room.

    mas maganda yung season 1. mas maraming characters.

    i absolutely adore Elyse! :handsdown: she should've won the first one, hands down. she's perfect for ramp, she's extremely high-fashion, yet very commercial din. ^ that's not her most flattering pic, though. retokado yung boobs. :lol:

    i love her rant in episode 2... "Robin, how fcuking dare you show me that Bible verse 'Foolish is the aetheist...' and ask me what i think? what do i really think? 'Foolish is the person who believes in that goddamn tripe!'... Adrianne, stop interrupting me. Stop quoting Jay & Silent Bob every 10 seconds right next to my ear -- I've had enough of you!... Giselle, you fcuking, worthless cunt. Your parents must be ashamed of you... Katie, you're the most insincere person i've ever met -- i don't believe a single thing that comes out of your mouth.... " and it just goes on and on and on. very amusing. :glee:

    pictures of my fave ANTM

    i sooo love this pic! *okay*


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  • pollywogpollywog PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Kakatawa kagabi, meron talagang bano sa catwalk! Tsaka yung parang posessed maglakad! he he he...
  • 22mai22mai Australian Open 2020 Participant 🎾
    damn, i loved elyse, until now, im wondering why shanna was chosen over her. grrrrrrrrr
  • this show is pretty cool ;)
  • ANTM 2 is better. a lot of revelations. hehe.
  • i like antm cycle 1..parang di kasi magagaling yung ngayon e..unlike sa dati, sobra ang competition..gusto ko lang ngayon e si yoanna and di ko alam name..see i don't even remember their names..hehe

    elyse pa din..
  • Elyse gusto ko...

    Yoanna and Shandi gusto ko for cycle 2.
  • pagan, thanks for the pics... i luv elyse!!
  • sa season 2, ang daming contestants na sobrang forgettable (Bethany, Heather, Anna.. who?). sa season 1 kahit yung mga unang naaalis may dating.

    i like April and Yoanna. i hate Camille and that stupid crybaby Catie.

    si Xiomara yung parang possessed magcatwalk! grabe kung makatitig, kala mo luluwa na yung mata. :lol:

    i don't see what's all the fuss about Mercedes. sobrang plain naman ng mukha nya eh. kung isampak mo siya sa kahit saang lugar, she wouldn't stand out. gotta love her attitude, though. so nice.
  • more pics...

    1st ever ANTM winner, Adrianne Curry

    from Marie Claire Magazine (pics are kinda big.. sorry)

    more Elyse

    from the show's contact lens commercial

    sorry, too lazy to find pics of the other contestants. maybe later. :)
  • i liked season 1 better and like most of you, elyse gets my nod for best model among those bunch. i like her spunk.

    this season, i like yoanna, sarah and april.

    ngaps, channel [v] airs season 1 every mondays, 9 pm.
  • My fave contestant sa 2nd season of ANTM is Sarah Racey-Tabrizi... She's got all the package!! Even though the judges say she's waay down as a model, I think her face is incredibly flawless & gotta love her voluptuous body!!!

    Here's her pics...


    pagan I think the reason why they really love Mercedes is because she has dis spunk in her personality & combined w/ exotic looks... At first I really don't lyk her but gradually I started to lyk as episodes goes by... She's lyk the Ebony of ANTM 2....
  • uy! i forgot Sarah! i love her face. ang tapang ng dating. i dunno about her body, but her face really is something. gotta love those Persian features.
  • ano ba official website ng antm?aalamin ko nga names nila..either si sarah or april yung isa ko pang like besides yoanna..baka naman sa site nakahighlight na yung winner..sa cycle 1, nalaman ko kagad na si adrianne e..spoilers..haha
  • i like the contestants of cycle 1 better, lalo na sina elyse + adrianne
  • sorry for mercedes and shandi ..yoanna house took the crown
  • ^^ next time po, put spoilers naman.

    anyhow, i have a feeling Shandi's the dark horse this season.
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