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the joys & pitfalls of being single

the joys...

freedom to date....more time to go out with friends....more time for yourself....walang selosan....wala problema sa boyfriend...hindi sasakit ang ulo mo pag ang friends at bf di magkasundo:D :) :*) magaling ka pang mag bigay ng advice kasi objective

the pitfalls....

tatawagin kang old maid:( ...baka ikaw lang ang walang boyfriend sa barkada...outsider ka...di ka makaka jive sa usapang concerning boyfriends...:mad: :( :eek:

ano sa tingin niyo...:cool:


  • i haven't been single for quite awhile & its sooo hard adjusting to my new life. i guess the downside of being single is not having the intimacy with someone and not feeling loved
  • joys? you don't have to answer to anybody

    pitfalls? you don't have to anser to anybody
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    being free to be true to yourself....di ba minsan pag nasa isang relationship ka, minsan kailangan mong makipag conform kung ano ang gusto ng isa


    not having someone you can be affectionate to
  • wala na bang gustong mag share...
  • the joys.....the feeling of not being tied down nor comitted to any guy because you control everything in regards to yourself only and not to anyone else.

    the downside.....

    hmmm, i cant think of any.
  • joys: walang nang-aaway :)

    downside: walang kalambingan

  • joys: free to date other single guys (hehe)
    free to talk who ever u want to talk to (not like if youre attached everytime ur bf/gf will call unang hirt sayo " who are you talking to the other line?").
    mas tipid hehe and uve got more free time to your friends and yourself

    downside: yeah ^^^ walang kalambingan especially if christmas is near... kailangan na maghanap ng boylet hehe
  • joys: same like the other replies, freedom to date... you have control of your time... no gf asking you every minute wat you are doin and wer u r or asking you if they are indeed beautiful...

    downside: it gets lonely sometimes... yeah i have my friends around. i can talk to them bout anythin... but iba p rin yung meron kang special someone na talagang kilala ka... someone who knows your secrets... someone i could spend some time with... someone that i could be locked in a room with for days...
  • joys: freedom! you can go anywhere you want, with your friends, sariling time, di ginagawang taga-buhat, taga-hatid/sundo, sarili lang ang iniisip, walang ginagastusan.

    "bakit mo gagastusan ang di mo kaano-ano" :naughty::bop:

    downside: sometimes, no one to talk to, nakakainggit pag may nakakasabay ka or nakikita na sweet,not having someone you can be affectionate to, inspiration, pag friends mo may gf na rin ikaw na lang single, la na rin silang time sayo na gumimik.
  • AltarBoy^_^AltarBoy^_^ PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Joys = you date, drink, be merry with friends, flirt around, hangout and watch other couples suffer from mush and quarrels

    Pitfalls = you suffer alone :D
  • life is so hard no? either single or attached ka. may negative and positive effects talaga.
  • pag single ka, u can do whatever u want. walang makikialam o mag dadadakdak kesho neglected ek ek. in short, no drama! :D

    the downside is that when u get used to the independence, mahirap na minsan baguhin. u also know what u want in life so mejo mataas na ang standards. :blowsmoke:
  • tama ka about the standards thing. minsan pag masyadong independent ang babae...nakaka-intimidate daw. its also hard to shift your precious time from yourself to conforming to your man's.
  • AltarBoy^_^AltarBoy^_^ PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I know one independent single guy who has a hard time choosing between a lovelife and a career but he chose the latter. Women may not be intimidated by independent men but they do find independent men more challenging or hard to seduce because the guy will never conform to any woman unless she complements his time, lifestyle and values. :D
  • its all a matter of compromise. pwede naman pagsabayin ang love life saka career.
  • true...its intimidating if a woman is independent. the thing is, may buhay ako. not coz im in a relationship means titigil yun for him. kumbaga if i have someone, ok. kung wala, ok lang rin. i'd rather be alone than waste my time on someone who's substandard o someone i don't see myself with for the long haul :shrug:
  • AltarBoy^_^AltarBoy^_^ PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Originally posted by gypsywoman
    its all a matter of compromise. pwede naman pagsabayin ang love life saka career.

    Easier said than done. But the reality is that you can never tell if it was worth the sacrifice. :D
  • its always easier said than than...kc salita lng naman...pero everything is possible if you're willing to work it out...and i think you can tell if it's worth the sacrifce in the long run...
  • you own ur own time. ala limit. u can do what u want. flirt with other guy...hehehe
  • ako, masaya akong maging single kc wala kang commitment, you have time for yourself..pero ang downside nun eh kpag pag-iibig na ang pinag-uusapan, lalo na sa barkada, parang left out ako kasi wla pa nga akong experiences na mai-share sa mga friends ko. one of my guy friends is teasing me na kung bakit wla p dw akong boyfriend...no boyfriend since birth ako!...sometimes, i do feel lonely kc almost all of my friends eh naka-experience na na magaka-bf/gf :(
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