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single-larly challenge

why is it that when a woman is in the age between 25 & 30 and still blessedly single...people regarded them as a pitiful and hopeless case. One that is on their way to becoming and old maid and such are regarded with ridicule by some members of society. why does society look at marriage as the end all of being a woman especially in the provinces?


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    It's called culture.

    In the provinces a lot of people are stuck in the old Patriarchal society paradigm --- they can't move on from the old days where the success of a woman is measured by the wealth of the man she marries.

    People are having a hard time shifting from this paradigm to the "woman-empowered" brouhaha we have now so, don't let it bother you.
  • point well taken....life is....
  • life's a *****?

    and so .. . =)
  • and so...we live in constant struggle

    i am but....
  • lost being in search of meaning...

    and i heard a wise ex-nun said..."love is born in a broken heart"
  • comment naman kayo diyan.
  • Forget them and do what you want to do and be who you want to be. It's cheesy and it's been said before, but it's true.
  • oo nga naman. so what iof other people think that way? you dont live for them. as long as you're happy being single, wala na silang pakialam sa buhay mo.
  • more importantly, happy ka ba? coz if you are, then you shouldn't be bothered by what everybody else says..

    like if you're in love di ba.. most of the time you don't care what other people think basta you're happy..

    moreover, this issue has been well covered in the series s.ex and the city.. go rent the video =)
  • no need to rent he video...i watch sex in the city sometimes...along with other comedy programs.

    i'm happy in my singlehood...just pissed off by the way some people make my life the focus of their unwanted comments
  • ... tell me about it! i mean when they hear how old i am, which is 30, they have this what-are-you-some-kind-of-freak look on their faces and say, "whyyyyy?!" like there is something terribly wrong with you... and they'd make a comment such as, "baka mashado ka mapili..." or "di ka ba natatakot?" i mean you'd like to think na, "hey, i'm ok with it, being single is really not that bad..." pero when these people make such comments, you feel na you're inadequate in some way... i mean kung dati di mo pinapansin na single ka... ngayon, biglang nag-woworry ka na... hmp!
  • exactly what i meant...nakakatawa na nakakainis...kc dati ayaw kang payagan na magka boyfriend...because too young daw, concentrate on school etc. tapos ngayon naman....aba cla na ang talak ng talak na dapat ka nang magka bf. even old friends or relatives you haven't seen for a long time, the first question they always ask is...married ka na? sagot mo ng no? sasabihin? bakit o di kaya dapat ka nang mag asawa..we're just human lang naman...natural that we get bothered sometimes lalo na if medyo below na belt na yung mga comment. para bang you're less of a woman or you're not complete if you're not married.
  • ... and the fact that most if not all of your friends are already settled with kids and stuff, really doesn't make things any easier... this year alone, 3 of my friends are getting married and i'm part of the entourage in 2 of those weddings... the other one kasi di dito gagawin, pero kung dito yon, part din ako ng entourage. imagine! sabi nga nila, they're not going to throw the bouquet anymore, they'll just hand it to me, hehehe! as you can see, i can still joke about it... it's not that i don't want to be in a relationsip... to tell you the truth, i have absolutely no idea if there's anything wrong with me or not... i'm sure my friends will tell me if there was... i'm not unfortunate looking naman... you know what i do? when people ask me "why" i'm still single... i simply tell them... "if i knew the answer to that question, you wouldn't be asking me that question" and smile :D that usually ends the query.
  • cool...that's one way to handle unwanted comments...i'll give that one a try...
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