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Model: Brent Javier [MERGED]

hello. anyone knows how to contact this fella? his manager or ad agency perhaps? thanks!


  • kalliepepperkalliepepper jzt me & my own opinions PExer
    shieks...c brent javier! cya c lee dun sa ponds commercial ni karel dba? ang gwapo nya!!!
  • agentmoriagentmori Hello, world! PExer
    nax. kala ko meron na useful info....
  • BadAssGoddessBadAssGoddess Member ✭✭

    Who knows Brent Javier? have you heard about him?.... he's the guy on pond's commercial named "LEE"... and Last year's Mossimo Model of the year...

    what can you say about him?

    he's definitely a hot guy for me... perfect description of a "cute" guy i must say... *okay*

    who agree with me? :)

    i want to hear from you guys... :) you can say anything...
  • banshe1981banshe1981 Member PExer
    all i know is that 1st runner up sya sa MTV fashionista modelling search...di ko sure kung i-rerepresent pa niya ang Pinas para sa Manhunt int'l...

    basta lagi ko syang nakikita sa billboard along with mossimo winners... i'm actually workin out to have 60% of his ABDified stomach...hehehe
  • bwisitbwisit Member PExer
    I always see him at the gym, I know him as Lee.

    So Brent Javier and Lee is one same person.

    Iba kasi ang itsura nya sa Mossimo at Ponds.
  • banshe1981banshe1981 Member PExer
    Originally posted by bwisit
    I always see him at the gym, I know him as Lee.

    So Brent Javier and Lee is one same person.

    Iba kasi ang itsura nya sa Mossimo at Ponds.

    his real name is Ronald brent Javier..He's Fil-Canadian...
    and yes same person lng sila.. pangalan nya lng sa commercial yun... nasa century tuna rin sya with Phoem of Extra Challenge...
  • marz05marz05 Member PExer
    nasa Gold's Gym sa Glorietta lagi itong si Brent e :lovesigh: (parang hindi ako spy :lol: )
  • BadAssGoddessBadAssGoddess Member ✭✭
    banshe1981- yeah he'll be competing for manhunt intl.. he will represent Philippines... here's a link for you to look at MANHUNT BRENT JAVIER... :) it will be held on Shanghai China... yeah he really has a great abs... :handsdown:...

    bwisit- as far as i know, sobrang diet ata sya dun sa mossimo kaya sobrang payat nya, a friend of him na friend ko told me that.... when i saw the pic sobrang payat nga nya dun compared sa ponds commercial na mejo nagkalaman pa sya ng konti.... :)

    marz05- yeah he's working out at gold's gym... :)
  • BadAssGoddessBadAssGoddess Member ✭✭
    courtesy of manhunt.com.sg

  • BadAssGoddessBadAssGoddess Member ✭✭

    ABDIFIED? :)
  • The_SeekerThe_Seeker Member PExer
    BRENT is POND's MYSTERIOUS GUY!!! Siya ung LEE sa commercial with Karel Marquez! :) He is the secret admirer of Karel.
  • BadAssGoddessBadAssGoddess Member ✭✭
    Originally posted by The_Seeker
    BRENT is POND's MYSTERIOUS GUY!!! Siya ung LEE sa commercial with Karel Marquez! :) He is the secret admirer of Karel.

    yeah! you got it right! *okay*
  • does anyone know kung gaano sya katangkad?
  • neverthelessnevertheless cerTifIed CK L0veR.... PExer
    hot hot hot.

    ang gwapohhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

  • ~~~~~~ Member PExer
    anngg cuutteeee nya..super hot hot hot talaga!!.....kaso naman sumobra ang kapayatan nya ngyn! hehe:) nakita nyo na un pond's tc ad nya? payat nya noh? hehe:)
  • westwest Member PExer
    my friend and i used to stalk him @ star bucks sa taft! :D
  • ~~~~~~ Member PExer
    hihihihihihihi..so totoo na sa benilde daw cya aral?
  • krazie21krazie21 ภาษา กรีก PExer
    This guy's real cute. I've talked to him once. Kase yung friend ko kasama nya sa fashion Show for Pink and Blue Soda Summer Collection (last March 31 @ Glorietta), nung time ng fitting nila ng clothes kasama ako num friend ko ... etong si Brent late na, call time ng guys 3 pm dumating ata sya around 3:30 na. Nasa hagdan pa lang sya, napansin ko agad na parang pamilyar sya ... naalala ko sya yung nag-guest sa Mel & Jay the day b4. So, nakatingin sya samen ... parang nagtataka (kase 2 lang kame num friend ko na andun) so, i asked him if he's there for the fitting sabi oo nga daw. I told him na sa 3rd floor yun. He said thanks. ;)

    Sorry, super kwento ako. :spinstar: :imu:
  • BadAssGoddessBadAssGoddess Member ✭✭
    girl09- owh my! oo nga anu? yun ata ang isang bagay na hindi ko natanung sa friend ko.... :bonkself:... tanung ko nga kung anung height nya... :D

    nevertheless- *okay*..

    ~~~- compared dun sa recent pictorials nya for centuna tuna, sobra talaga pinayat nya... yeah and he's from CSB pero i heard naka-LOA sya... Consular Diplomatic Affairs ata course nya sa CSB.. im not sure though.. but he's really from CSB... :)

    west- actually never ko sya nakita sa taft.. or maybe hindi ko pa sya napapansin nuon... :D... pero when i heard he's from benilde and confirmed about it... errr tska ko ren nalaman na LOA daw sya this term.. owh well... im not sure kung totoo yun pero mukhang totoo coz i dont see him around sa CSB... :(... :)

    krazie21- thanks for the kwento... :).. one thing that my friend told me about him, is that he's a man with a few words.. usually nga daw one word lang sya kung sumagot hindi mashdo nakikipagusap kaya parating napagkakamalang snob... well at least he thanked you... :)
  • dRAg_rAcEr1dRAg_rAcEr1 wanna die? PExer
    totoo bang bisexual daw si brent? sabi ng classmates ko eh. ayoko maniwala.

    :love: BRENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :love:

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