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Is God unfair?

I gave my girlfriend my life, my everything. I sacrificed everything just to please her. Now she left me and I have nothing left to look forward to.
How do I mend this broken heart? The only thing I can think of right now is taking my own life away. I know it's a sin, but why does God permit these things to happen to good people while some people I know who are living in sin get all the blessings? Isn't it unfair?


  • HE s not unfair..HE's being fair pa nga eh...Tingnan mo ...he gave u that situation for u 2 be strong enuff and learn from ur own mistakes..un lang!

    Taking ur own life away won't do u no good "bagkus" ay madadagdagan pa ang problem mo.
    Anong there's nothing left for u 2 look 4ward to?! Wut abt ur friends...ur family? Wut abt them? Ngayon mo nga mas lalo clang kailangan eh. And of kors c GOD na rin.^_^... U dont deserve her...u deserve sum1 better. Just remember that God has the reason y he gave u that kind of problem. U shld be thnkful pa nga 'coz u've been blessed!
  • StacyStacy PExer

    sometimes, we felt that life is so unfair when we're at the losing end. but our world just doesn't end there. we still have so much to live for. look at the brighter side.

    life is like a wheel. it spins in circles. sometimes up, sometimes down. what matters best is how much we keep our hold to the "ring" of life...the reality.

    if you lose your girlfriend now, the pain would be much tolerable than later(marriage)...when you invest your hopes and dreams together. despair not...chances are still many out there.

    God is still our refuge and strength. Please don't lose your belief in HIM.

    ...into each life, a little rain must fall.
  • OneOne PExer
    i agree with the previous posts. . .

    nothing occurs by accident, nothing occurs without design and each moment is a miracle. . .each thing that happens to us is always a lesson to be learned, in life and love. . .

    live you life, tol!

    Take Care and God Bless As Always!!! angel.gif
  • I don't really believe in God (the Christian God.) May pagka-agnostiko ako sa ngayon.

    But there has to be a higher being, and that being does not have full control of what we do. Only a little control. It may be unfair sometimes, but sometimes it just has to happen. Part of a plan that he makes.

    But remember, it's up to us if we want to change those plans a little bit.

  • jepoyjepoy PExer
    egx: I know exactly what you're feeling.. i went through the exact same experience two years back. I also shook my fist at God when i lost my one truelove. I know that words alone can't comfort you right now, but please take the advice of another survivor. No matter how bad it looks right now, God does know what's best for you. Just stay strong buddy. Here's a verse that i held on to through my struggle, hope this gives you some comfort..

    "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." -Jeremiah 29:11
  • ebtgebtg PExer
    Suicide is the epitome of cowardice. You remember that. Suicide is NEVER an option. It is an option for idiots, for weak people, for sissies, for wuss morons. I doubt if you belong to that category--no one does.

    I'm an atheist, and I certainly don't believe in any "superior" being, be it a "god" or perhaps fairies and other ***** like that.

    "This will come as a real surprise to millions of people, but they had better learn it's neurotic to insist that others treat us fairly, that our kindness be returned with kindness, and that the world has to be a decent place. If we believe this nonsense, we are bound to become depressed and to feel hurt and angree when things don't go the way we think they should.

    "If you want to avoid depression, you are going to have to learn that unfair and unkind behaviour in exchange for your loving efforts is the rule rather than the exception. The sooner you realize the world will always be that way, the healthier a person you will become." -- Dr. Paul Hauck, in "Depression: Why it happens and how to overcome it."
  • sometimes i do think GOD IS UNFAIR, maybe im just looking for someone to blame.. and his the first one that comes to my mind.. I know i should be greatful for all the blessings he's given to me... though there are times i look at some people and see that things always comes easy their way.. while i have to work soooo hard for what i want.. and if failed, try again :( and when it comes to love, i feel that love wont come my way anymore, seems like everytime i fall.. the one i love slips away for no reason and again leave me in tears. I know, we all suffer with our own miseries in life we need not to blame GOD for all our sufferings for he's the only one we turn to when tears starts to drop, but when things starts to hurt and we just cry we cant help blaming him.. like me.. i just think that he can be unfair... there are many thoughts that runs through my mind when i say that he can be unfair but through all that he is my sheperd, my wall, the shoulder i lean to... to get by with life.
  • I don't mean to offend you but you don't have the right to ask that question.

    lahat ng ginagawa mo sa buhay mo ikaw ang may gusto, kasi you have the right to do whatever you wantbut bear in mind that you also have the responsibility on whatever you do. so kung ano man ang naging consequences ng ginawa mo like nagmahal ka ng sobra-sobra, it's not God fault it's yours. Hindi naman sinabi sayo ni God na magpakahangal ka diba?

    Lam mo, challanges lang yan. mawawala rin yan sakit na nafi-feel mo kasi nga bago pa lang, pero kapag natagpuan mo na yung right girl for you tatawanan mo na lang yung mga ginawa mo in the past but syempre you've learned from your mistakes na kailangan pag nagmahal ka, magtira ka para sayo.

    Don't worry, kaya mo yan. walang problemang binibigay sa tin na di natin kaya. So wag ka ng magmukmok, live life and move on...

  • teretere PExer
    hey egx, don't lose heart...maraming babae sa mundo....

    "No one can take her place."...well not quite...pero siguro better, far better than her.

    Maybe she left you for some reason...find out what it is first, then correct it or accept it.

    You don't necessarily have to find another right after it, just lie low..concentrate on your studies...."Special ppl come when you least expect them!"

    Don't take your life...kawawa naman yung IBA diyan...kung mayroong ano sa yo...you know, those ppl you might have been neglecting, or you have left unnoticed.

    So look at yourself...then look around...those beautiful ppl, inside-out!
  • rorsrors PExer
    our GOD in NOT unfair. he is such a supreme being that he gave us free will to lead our own lives. evil does not directly come from God but from the people who didn't use their free will responsibly.

    it's funny how easy we put the blame on God when things go wrong with us and how negligent we get what with all the blessings he showers us EVERYDAY. in all the times that we forgot Him, He never winked an eye on us.

    smile! :D
  • Here is my two-cents worth:

    I believe that LIFE IS UNFAIR, BUT GOD IS GOOD.

    Sometimes, things just don't happen the way we want them to but maybe it is because it's in preparation for something nicer. :D

    (Hay! Eternal optimist and dreamer pa rin!)

    EGX, I sincerely know how you feel. I went through the same dang thing, in fact, at times, andun pa rin ako, but I know that in time it will end din. Just hang in there. I know that the last thing you want to hear right now are the "you'll be stronger" or "it's for the best", or any of that HORSESH*T advice "okay" people have a habit of giving out ... pero ngayon mo lang di matanggap yan. In time, when the dust has settled, you'll realize na what they said were true. Although there may be times that you'd still feel hurt and somewhat bitter, it's but normal. Just go with the flow, okay? Let nature take its course. Don't try to hasten the process kasi you'll end up half-baked. If you have to curse and scream or do something to release your pent-up emotions, do so (basta di ka makakasakit ng tao) and live each day as it comes. Until you're totally okay, every dang day would be a struggle, but every day you survive, you realize that things are getting better ... somehow.

    If you want to pour our your soul, feel free to email me. We don't have to reveal our true identities. Sometimes, it's easier to talk to someone you hardly know.

    Hang in there and be patient. :)
  • ebtgebtg PExer
    God IS unfair. Let's assume he exists for argument's sake. If you will read and re-examine your Bible, you will clearly discover that God treats his "creations" rather unfairly.

    Let's take one example (among so many others). If I remember correctly, Jesus was walking with his disciples to somewhere and he saw a fig tree without fruit. He KILLED the fig tree simply because it had no fruit! Can you imagine THAT? Ask yourselves: kasalanan ba ng fig tree na hindi ito in season? Or even if it's in season, kasalanan ba nito if there were other people who picked its fruits before Jesus? Of course not.

    So why did He kill it? To demonstrate to to Peter (I believe) that useless things must be destroyed. But why pick on a fig tree?
  • ebtg there are questions that are meant not to be answered.. if u too, believe that GOD exists then why not try to ask him those questions.... eventually he will answer you in his own time
  • ebtgebtg PExer
    Ask him questions? Will he come down from high heavens to answer them? Oh, wait..I'm sorry, he will send people to give me the answers. Yeah, right.
  • rorsrors PExer
    ebtg, there's a thing as EXEGESIS, an approach of understanding the bible. not everything you read in the bible should be taken literally. for one, you must understand the background of the author, why he wrote his story and the circumstances he lived with. second, there also comes into consideration the background setting. this needs a lot of research to really understand the olden ways and everything related to it that will help you in understanding a certain passage. then, you try to see what the passage means for the people who lived at the time that was written. then you try to connect that to your own life now.

    well, my only point here is that it's not that easy to judge god based on what you've read on the bible. we should be careful not to take things out of context. after all, a lot of people have misinterpreted many things in the bible coz it's one book that's really hard to understand. a lot of research is needed for it, really. on the side, do you know that the creation of adam and eve is actually a myth?

    God is not unfair. it's the people who choose to do evil that make life unfair. in effect, it's the people who are unfair. if they make you depressed and all, then you lose coz they were able to affect you. why not shut them all out and let God affect you instead? ;) think happy and be happy. :D
  • ebtgebtg PExer
    Interpretations, interpretations. Who do we believe? The Protestants interpret it in a different way, the Catholics in another way, the Muslims in another, some Bibles don't even have the Deuterocanonicals, some have it. Yadda yadda yadda.

    If god was so goddamn fair, maybe he should've written something which didn't have multiple interpretations.

    What about this: people wrote the Bible. Yes, if that comes as a shock to you, it's best to accept it now. People wrote it, and duh if you say they were "inspired by god." People are fallible, therefore, the Bible isn't "all-truth." Some of it could be mistakes by the people who wrote them.
  • sometimes i think He is but then i realize, He isnt the reason why im so messed up....its me... and when i do want things straightened out, i go to Him and its all good.....
    all good things come from Him.......its just that we gotta turn to Him, not only when we have problems but everyday and we'll see the changes!
  • yes... God has his own reasons... things sometimes dont seem what they really are
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