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Enchanted Kingdom

I need you feedback, Please!!!!

Maganda pa ba ngayon dito? Kamusta naman ang facilities? Anu-ano ba ang mga makakainan dito? Meron ba silang parang sariling clubouse sa loob where you can hold a party?

Sa mga nakarating na sa Enchanted Kingdom, sagot naman kayo please!



  • SpartanSpartan PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I'm probably not really addressing the thread, but I liked Enchanted Kingdom, but only because of the company I kept.

    I will always remember having our swan boad sink on us and we had to be pulled out.

    It was exciting also to have a Subway sandwich.

    Honestly I wasn't impressed with the rise... but you know... I was spoiled by places like Disneyworld and Cedar Point.

    But having a day of hanging out with friends in a park that had virtually no lines was great.
  • hi there!

    been to enchanted kingdom last may1 and i agree with everyday, the rides are not that spectacular but it's the company you keep. but maybe it's because that i've already been to the hair-raising rides at six flags and the wonderful world of universal studios.

    pero ok pa din cia! when we got there we thought na mahaba yung pila since mga 12ish kami dumating at holiday pa iyon pero virtually walang pila yung mga rides... eh para sa aking ride-a-holic it was a dream come true! heeehee.

    marami din namang makakainan. merong mga foodcourt and there's even a jollibee counter.

    with regards to the clubhouse, di ko po sure kung meron dun.

    hope you have fun!
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