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Luis Alandy and Desiree del Valle

I think they're cute together. I'm happy for them. Sana they'll last.

Love blooms on teleserye set
Ethel Ramos
July 27, 2004


THERE'S no doubt that Desiree del Valle and Luis Alandy are in love. They were practically all over each other when they attended the birthday party of columnist ***** TV host Cristy Fermin at the Metro in West Avenue last Friday.

Both Desiree and Luis are Talent Center talents. They were also mainstays of the recently concluded ABS-CBN teleserye, "Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas," starring Jericho Rosales, Diether Ocampo, Kristine Hermosa and Angelika de la Cruz. It must have been there where their romance bloomed.

Honestly, they look good together. Both very promising stars, they are also good performers. One day soon they will get the big break they both deserve.

Desiree was once linked to a girl named Elaine, who claimed they got married in Las Vegas, Nevada. Elaine accused Victor Neri, who was then rumored to be the boyfriend of Desiree, as the one who caused their break-up.

Luis had singer ***** teleserye star Tintin Arnaldo for his girlfriend before.


  • ang galing eh noh.. yung kuya leo nya, kay ara.. sya naman kay francine.. :D but their cute! :D
  • prettyaphroditeprettyaphrodite PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    they look happy:)
  • yeah you can tell kasi i saw them on the buzz and tv patrol and very kilig.
  • thank you all for replying to this thread. i just wanted to say that i think they look so so cute. bagay na bagay sila.
  • smartysmarty PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    i agree! bagay sila... cute looking couple...
  • Desiree's doing a Anne Heche
  • or an Angelina Jolie she's had a relationship with an Asian-American actress and then went to Billy Bob.
  • thanks for everyone who has replied to this thread.

    metallic_blue: i know isn't that ironic? diet-tin and des-luis came out of swnw and the characters they played were linked.

    prettyaphrodite: yeah they do look happy. the buzz and tv patrol bits on them make it appear they're in love.

    smarty & geminidestiny77: they are bagay! totally!

    mintymalone & geminidestiny77: i'm just glad everything is going good for Desiree. i don't care about her past she's moved on. and if she's pulling an Angelina Jolie or Anne Heche that's fine all three of them are beautiful and talented actresses di ba?

    thanks for everyone who has given their two cents on Desiree-Luis!
  • yup! they're really cute.... gosh, i now have a crush on luis alandy... desiree is one of the bet young-actresses in the philippines... totally!
  • they look good together...
  • hmmm..okay, they look cute together.....
  • oh wow thanks afterleft, ryllen, and girl09 for responding to my thread. i'm kinda new to pex in terms of posting so thanks.
  • im happy for them :)
  • can someone post pix of luis?
  • i_love_blue: thanks for posting. i'm happy for them too.

    afterleft: i would if i could

    i want to thank everyone who has posted or read this thread. although i've been a memeber of PEX for so long it's only now that i'm posting. i just thought that it would be really nice if i thanked you all!

    Luis loves Des so much. I get the feeling that he does because of the cinima news alert I saw. He was there for Des when her tomboy scandal was happening. they look good together and i think they're a good match. i'd like to see them act together as lovers. that would be a treat.
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