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The Phoenix Suns Official Thread 2004-2005



  • Yohei_MitoYohei_Mito First Knight PExer
    ^^ y not??? the way they play it looks like they can achieve it...or maybe its just too early to tell....
  • PandaemonaeonPandaemonaeon Moderator PEx Moderator
    The teams Phoenix have beaten:
    • Atlanta
    • Philadelphia
    • New Jersey
    • Chicago
    • Dallas*
    • New Orleans
    • L.A. Lakers
    • L.A. Clippers
    • Chicago
    • Milwaukee
    • New Orleans
    • Utah
    • Cleveland
    • Portland
    • Golden State
    • L.A. Lakers
    • Charlotte
    • Orlando
    • Utah
    • Seattle
    • Washington
    • Denver
    • Memphis
    • Toronto

    Their losses:
    • Cleveland
    • San Antonio*
    • Sacramento*
    • Minnesota*

    *Legit title contenders

  • Bad trip! Talo Suns kanina sa Spurs. grrrrr...I hope they can shrug the loss off, move on and create another set of winning streak *okay*

    HAIL THE VALLEY OF THE SUN! :handsdown:
  • phasedphased ater PExer
    syempre, another string of wins is in order...yung suns pa...ganda ng linalaro nila ngayon...
  • vicaimmonenvicaimmonen Green and White PExer
    They just beat the Hornets kanina. Okay naman because Phoenix shrugged off their bad loss against Spurs.
  • bananalubebananalube NOSEBLEED PExer
    But it's just the Hornets.
  • Marion's point production dipped. He only scored 9 points but had 6 steals and 7 rebounds and one block.

    Though it's just New Orleans they were up against, a win's a win; we'll take it. :)
  • vicaimmonenvicaimmonen Green and White PExer
    Amare scored 50 pts. in a win against the Blazers. This kid continues to amaze me and his improvement is just incredible. Thanks mainly to Nash, whom I consider as the catalyst of Amare's surge this season.
  • phasedphased ater PExer
    grabe na to, lol! grabe na ang dami ng wins ng phoenix. yeah, vic, si nash talaga ang nagpagaling sa suns, just like what he did in dallas. at si amare, grabe, 50 big ones. grabe, lol.
  • vicaimmonenvicaimmonen Green and White PExer
    Konting improvements pa and I think Amare is the next best thing in the NBA, along with LeBron and Dwyane.
  • phasedphased ater PExer
    yeah, to think, a couple o' campaigns ago, they were saying it was yao who would be the next big thing. no offense to yao, pero mukhang ang bagal ng laro nya (except when he's on a roll). pustahan tayo, pagabot ng 30 anyos ni yao, kasimbagal na sya ng pagong, lol.
  • vicaimmonenvicaimmonen Green and White PExer
    Suns lead the T-wolves, 110-93, with 6 minutes left in the 4th qtr.
  • booksalebooksale Member ✭✭✭
    Suns win.

    tomorrow on rpn9, houston v phx.
  • greenberetgreenberet FREE TIBET !!! PExer
    whoa !!! . . . despite KG's 47 points and Amare's ejection from the game, the Suns still pulled through with a W . . . way to go Phoenix !!!

    FREE TIBET !!!
  • boogerflickerboogerflicker the coolangot PExer
    Galing ng Suns. I expect them to plaster Houston tomorrow.
  • greenberetgreenberet FREE TIBET !!! PExer
    the Suns did defeat the Rockets . . . and what did T-Mac said about that Phoenix offense ??? . . .

    "I've never seen a team that keeps you back on your heels when you make a shot," McGrady said. "We're not used to that. Those guys get the ball out and they're gone. It was crazy tonight. You're just glad that every NBA team isn't like that."

    . . . did you guys see how Amare posterized Deke with that back-to-the-basket dunk ??? . . . man, i saw it and it was nasty !!! . . . how in the world did he manage to dunk that ball ??? :eek:

    FREE TIBET !!!
  • vicaimmonenvicaimmonen Green and White PExer
    Damn that Spurs, pasira sa record ng Suns, pero okay lang tinalo ko naman sila sa NBA live eh hehe. Dun ko na lang binawi.
  • budiluvsbakbudiluvsbak Secret Agent ✭✭✭
    Phoenix following formula of champion '71 Bucks
    by Dennis Hans / January 6, 2005

    Both teams are coached by a slick point guard who had a long, illustrious playing career and is now in his third year as an NBA skipper. Both teams have a young, unstoppable scoring machine at center. Both teams added in the offseason a smart, veteran point guard who provides leadership and sets up teammates for lots of easy buckets. Both teams love to run, and they lead the league in scoring and field-goal efficiency.

    If you recognize the current Phoenix Suns as one of those teams, congratulations. Though the opening paragraph is in the present tense, the other team is a blast from the past – the 1970-71 world champion Milwaukee Bucks. Given the tendency of history to repeat itself in 34-year cycles, we hereby declare that the Suns are a lock for the 2005 NBA crown.

    Let’s begin our comparison with the floor leaders and how they have impacted their respective teams.

    Prior to their championship season, the Milwaukee Bucks acquired the best point guard in the NBA, 31-year-old Oscar Robertson, a perennial first-team all-pro who didn’t mesh with the Cincinnati Royals new coach for the 1969-70 season, a former Celtic named Bob Cousy.

    Thirty-four years later the Suns followed the Bucks lead, signing 30-year-old playmaker Steve Nash as a free agent away from the Dallas Mavericks, coached by yet another former Celtic, Don Nelson.

    It was a new lease on life for Robertson, who was happy to sacrifice points to keep the Bucks’ young center happy. As a rookie, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar had averaged 28.8 points and shot .518 from the field. With Robertson, the points rose to 31.7 and the percentage skyrocketed to .577.

    The Big O made every Buck better, and the team became the first in NBA history to shoot 50 percent from the floor. The Bucks drained field goal attempts at a .509 clip, leaving second-best L.A. (.476) in the dust.

    Nash has had a remarkably similar effect on the Suns, starting with their own youthful, go-to center, Amare Stoudemire. Last season, Stoudemire scored at a 20.6 per-game clip on respectable .475 shooting. This season, with Nash at the helm, he’s at 26.4 on phenomenal .591 shooting.

    The Suns lead the league in “adjusted field goal percentage” (AFG), which is the best measure of FG efficiency in the Trey Era. AFG takes into account that a sunken trey generates 50 percent more points than a sunken deuce, so every sunken trey counts as 1.5 field goals. (If you shoot 4 for 10, with two deuces and two treys, your regular FG percentage would be .400. Your AFG would be .500, because you made the equivalent of five deuces.)

    The Suns AFG is a remarkably efficient .533, well ahead of second-best Miami at .518. (The Suns are second to Miami in standard FG percentage, .479 to .482.)

    The scoring efficiency, uptempo style and crisp ball movement are glowing reflections on the Bucks’ and Suns’ respective coaches.

    Larry Costello was a six-time NBA all-star who in the early 1960s formed, with Hal Greer, one of the league’s best backcourts. The NBA was a predominately white league when Costello was in his prime (roughly 1957-64), and he was one of the first players to recognize a good shot from an atrocious shot in those gun-happy years. He finished up his career as a reserve on two fast, efficient and high-scoring Sixer teams, which won the 1967 title but blew a 3-1 lead in the 1968 Eastern Conference Finals to player-coach Bill Russell’s Boston Celtics.

    Mike D’Antoni, an NBA benchwarmer early in his pro career, wisely moved to where the playing time was: Italy, where he became a legend. He was raised on fastbreaking and ball movement by his dad, an outstanding high-school coach in West Virginia. Among his brief NBA stops was San Antonio, where he absorbed more of the same philosophy under Doug Moe and alongside George Gervin. I don’t know much about the Italian league
    of the 1980s, but it’s reasonable to presume that D’Antoni didn’t become a superstar – and the idol of Kobe Bryant’s youth – by playing a rough-and-tumble slow-down game. Now he’s in Phoenix, bringing the same emphasis on speed, ball movement and shot selection that Costello brought to the Bucks.

    Those Bucks led the league in scoring, at 118.4 per game. Today’s Suns lead the league too, albeit with a more modest average of 109.3 per game.

    Both teams sport double-digit point differentials, as the Bucks scored 12.2 points more per game than the opposition while the Suns are at +10.4.

    Given a choice between quickness and skills or height and bulk, Costello and D’Antoni will take the former most every time. That’s why neither hesitated to start at power forward a guy that most coaches would say simply cannot play that position. Listed at 6-5 195, Greg Smith was even more undersized than Suns’ electrifying Shawn Marion. Heck, Smith was smaller than the Bucks’ nominal “small forward,” silky-smooth Bobby Dandridge. But Smith ran the floor and was a fine complementary player.

    Two of the criticisms of today’s Suns is (1) their starters log too many minutes, and (2) they’re called on to supply way too high a percentage of the team’s points. But here again, the role-model Bucks suggest these concerns are misplaced.

    The Bucks’ starters produced 97 points a night – 82 percent of the team’s total. The Phoenix Five produces nearly identical numbers – 91.8 points, or 84 percent of the Suns’ total.

    As for minutes, the Bucks’ starters played pretty much what the Phoenix Five play today – despite going at a faster pace. (The Bucks averaged 95 field-goal attempts per game; that’s 10 more than the “run-and-gun” Suns.) Young Kareem averaged 40 minutes, aging Oscar 39.4. Smith played 29.6 minutes, Dandridge 36.2 and sharp-shooting guard Jon McGlocklin 35.3. The five starters missed a total of four games.

    The Phoenix Five have been even more durable; so far, none has missed a start. D’Antoni has the good sense not to burn out his starters in practice, so they should have a good shot at sustaining their energy at their current level of minutes, which through 32 games is Marion 39.4, Joe Johnson 39.1, Stoudemire 36.2, Quentin Richardson 37.3, and Nash 34.7.

    The Suns merely need to keep on doing what they’re doing, then waltz through the playoffs just like the Bucks, who went 12-2 in the 1971 postseason. The Suns might also, as a courtesy, drop thank-you notes to Costello, Robertson and Abdul-Jabbar for providing their winning blueprint.
  • boogerflickerboogerflicker the coolangot PExer
    I hope that this article proves to be true since the Suns are fun to watch. But has he taken into consideration the opponents of the 1971 Bucks and 2005 Suns?
  • achoyachoy Half Amazing PExer
    hey guys ano ba ung BS1 saan channel ba yon makikita saka saan cable. Saka kailan ba may game doon.

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