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pano pag nd k marunong mag basketball?

aandrewaandrew Member PExer
hi i would like to ask do you know of a place to learn basketball when you are like 20 years old?? im ashamed to say i dont know how to play one.. am also afraid to elarn cuz im ld enough to be taught at by any school.. where do you think?? thanks foreading my post!!!


  • Brandon96Brandon96 Currus Meus Fractus Est PExer

    ako rin gusto ko matuto ng basketball kasi I never learned it when I was growing up as a kid. wala bang school or course for adults?
  • ShinobiShinobi Life is such a beautiful! ✭✭
    The best way to learn is get a basket ball, find a good friend or 2 or 3 :lol: who can play with you (preferably one who knows how to play it), find a basketball court (a half court will do) then play! :D
  • walalangwalalang Don't ask PExer
    1. go to a book store look for the basketball for dummies na book meron dun mga illustrations or yung book ni joe lipa and practice by yourself sa court
    2. watch the games ng nba or pba kahit luma pa siya then apply it note be observant especially sa footworks.
    3. have a friend teach who knows how to play

    just learn the fundamentals the basics tsaka n yung mga complicated moves when you know the basics na
  • Brandon96Brandon96 Currus Meus Fractus Est PExer
    What's the title of Joe Lipa's book, how much is it, and where can we buy it? Is it better than the Basketball for Dummies book? Mas maganda IMHO ang magkaroon ng basketball clinic for oldies like me. Iba ang experiential approach. :D
  • boredtodayboredtoday tomorrow and yesterday PExer
    shinobi is right, go find a friend who you can play basketball with.

    reading basketball is boring! go get to the action right ahead!

    i'm speaking from experience, i myself didn't know how to play basketball until i was 21. yep. but now, basketball freak is the best way you can describe me. i'm still not that good though. haha!
  • walalangwalalang Don't ask PExer
    I think the title of the book is joe lipa brains and brawns luma na kasi yung book i used to see it lying around the house ask sa national if they have it shows illustrations on how to defend , which foot to take off in going for a lay up and boxing out , inshort learn the fundamentals before you go out for an actual game para yung friend mo na magtuturo sayo nde masyado mahirapan

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