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SAVE SAVE SAVE!- The best advice to save money when travelling abroad.

Many of us have had the chance to comb the vast land and seascapes of our planet. A lot travel backpack style to save money and others go on tours to save time and hassle.
We all know that travelling is an expensive undertaking- to some it takes years of hard labour to realise such dream.
This thread aims to pin point money saving tips that can help all travel bugs in saving that extra peso when abroad.
SO, if you know any places that provide free tours, free internet access, free sightsees or any money saving tips please free to post so we can start SAVING Today! Feel free to post tips that you personally experienced whether you experienced it in Chefchouen or in Rotorua, in Spokane or Arequipa; we'd love to hear from you.
TO make this thread easy to read, please type the Destination on the Subject field and an appropriate heading. So for example, if you know of places for free internet access in Tokyo, you type TOKYO- Free Internet Access.


  • There are free Internet Access Stations at the Tourist Information Centre in Times Square right across the TKTS booth. You can also send NY video clips or snapshots of yourself to your friends for free.
  • Head to Times Square at the TKTS booths to save as much as 50% off their broadway tickets. Mon-Fri they open from 2 or 3pm til 7 pm. Sat and Sun's opening and closing times are different to the weekdays'. There are shows which are sold out for 6 months. It pays to go to the actual theatre where the show is being run and wait for any cancellations that may have arisen. In addition, there are standing rooms for only $20!
  • I was surprised when I saw these Hybrid buses scooting around the city centre. Not only did they look sleek and cool, they are free to commuters too!. The buses are called City Circuit buses and they run from 8am to 6pm everyday. These buses run along AUckland's premier shopping street (Queen st) then it takes you to University of Auckland, Skycity, SKy Tower then to the harbour.
  • Tokyo can be a nightmare to budget conscious travellers. There are places, however, that can be enjoyed free of charge. FOr instance, on a SUnday hike to Harajuku to marvel the eccentricities of Tokyo fashionistas. They also have some relatively cheap souvenirs and wares to be picked up at rock bottom prices. Not far from the shops is the beautiful Mae Ji-Jinggu Park where you can get in for free and marvel the tranquility of the place. If you're lucky you might even witness a traditional Japanese wedding.
    Try walking from Harajuku to the shopping heartland of SHibuya. This is the ultra young and chic hang out. You'll find a myriad of clothes, brand names and products never seen or heard of before ariving in Japan. These 2 activities will take you 2 days EASY.
    If you want to have the best time shopping, without creating much dent in your credit card, head to Tokyo in the months of late June/early July and January. These are the months when retailers slash their goods to as much as 70%. Places to go include Marui (OIOI), Takashimaya, Sogo, Isetann. One of the world's biggest shopping complex is in IKEBUKURO, not far from there is the Toyota Exhibition Center. Admission is free and you can admire the latest Toyota cars and tech.
  • Forget the upscale restaurants. Head to the nearest ramen houses, oftentimes found next to a subway station. You can enjoy a carb filled meal from Y150+. For lunch, go to small grocery stores or stalls where you can buy O-bentoo from Y170+. For dinner, hike to the lower ground level of department stores an hour before closing. There, you'll find tonnes of food at 50-70% off.
  • The Art Galleries in Sydney are free of charge. You can find a few in the CBD. The most noteable is the Art Gallery of NSW in Mrs. Macquaries Chair. Enrance to the main museum is free, but the newly opened Asian Gallery will attract an entrance free. Theres another Art Gallery at the Rocks right across Circular Quay train station called the Museum of Contemporary Art. A good 7 minutes walk willt ake you to the SYdney Opera House. There, you will have a beautiful vista of the harbour and the harbour bridge.
    If you head to the Rocks on a weekend, checkout the Rocks Market for some souvenirs and local made products (For souvenirs I would be more inclined to buy them at Haymarket open only from Wednesday til 6pm until Sunday). Explore the Rocks particularly around Harrington st and the smaller lanes where you'll dins the earliest form of Australian Architecture.
  • Be cautious with the airport people offering taxi rides to Bangkok's main districts. They'll charge B500+ to a gullible traveller. Instead, go outside the terminal where a booking booth will get you a taxi for -B250+.
  • A lot of airports charge for carts. The more generous ones give them out free of charge(ex. Sydney's Kingsford Smith, Auckland Intl). In some airports carts will cost you as much as $3 (ex. LAX, JFK). To save $, I tend to head inside the Departures terminal (when departing) or outside Arrivals (upon disembarkation) for any abandoned carts.
  • Many European countries charge between E0.30 to E0.50 for toilet usage. So, when you encounter any free toilets, use them wherever possible.
    In my 2 months of travelling around continental Europe I only managed to pay twice (first 2 experiences). The succeeding toilet experiences were done in the comforts of a hotel, where a lot of times, I was mistaken for a hotel guest. So, head to a reputable Hotel and walk with an air of confidence.
  • If you go to touristy shops, youll be charged 2x the amount of what you should be paying. Outside some famous Italian Landmarks (ex. palazzio de Venezia, The Italian Forum,the Colosseum etc...) there are street vendors that sell reasonably priced books, postcards and other Roman mementos. The best place for souvenir shopping however, is not far from the Vatican Walls in Roman Catholic Shops. I got a Roman book for E6. At a street vendor it was E10. At these Shops, you can get rosaries for E0.60. Go to St Peters on a WEDNESDAY and let the Pope bless the rosaries. These are perfect souvenirs for the old folks.
  • Do you want to send your postcards or letters from Italy to friends fast? Outside St. Peter's Basilica just before you get to the columns, theres a VATICAN post office. Post your stuff there as their services are faster and more efficient than the Italians.
  • 99 c is a tight *****'s wonderland. here, you'll find Aerican products and esentials for only 99c! I bought kilos and kilos of American Chocolates as souvenirs for friends and family back home, and it only cost me 99c for a packet. These shops are scattered around LA. Theres one along Sunset Blvd.

    If you want cheap LA souvenirs and products, head to DOWNTOWN LA. Block after block, you'll find wolesalers selling anything from feng shui paraphernalias to socks, hosiery, fruits and LA T-shirts.

    If you're in the touristy part of LA, especially along Hollywood Blvd. Walk past Ripley's Believe It or Not and the Guinness Book of World Records Museum heading AWAY from he KODAK Theatre and youll find some small souvenirs shops that are cheaper than the shops centred along Graumanns and Kodak Theatres.
  • I would advice London first timers to hop on the London Tour Bus for 17 quid. It will take you to all major City sightsees. Its a hop on/hop off bus, so exploring particular sights for as long as you wish will pose no problem at all. Just start your tour EARLY in the morning (about 7am) so you can really maximise your day as the tour ceases its operations at 8pm.
    An important point to note is to drum all the sights in your head and have a good 'feel' of the city so that you can go back to sights you wish to visit again with relative ease. A 5 quid Metro pass is a great investment as this will give you an all day access to the tube and the buses around London (Zones 1-2).
  • Washington DC has a very easy to follow and efficient subway network. The unlimited travel Metrocard for $5 seems to be good value, but bear in mind that downtown DC is a compact city to navigate.
    Put on your walking shoes, instead, and arm yourself a reliable map and WALK from one sight to the other. You'll be blessed with great sights and of course much needed exercise.
    If you MUST use the metro, purchase a pre-paid card. This card will be debited each time you use the metro and it has no expiry date.
  • Wanna see Oahu island in its entirety?
    Hire a car for a day! It'll take you 6 hours to encircle the island.
  • There's this avant garde mini department store on Innsbruck West's main street (Maria Thieressen straubessen) called 'Ratthaussen'. From the 'House with the Golden Roof' go dead straight and keep on the right hand side until you see 'Ratthaussen'. Inside this mini-mall, beside reception are 2 Internet points free to use by all.
  • If you'll be doing a lot of travelling in the Metro, it may be a good idea to purchase 'un carnet'. For E10, you'll get 10 metro tickets. Here's a tip:
    The very FIRST ticket in your 'carnet' has UNLIMITED USE, so keep that and give it to your companion. I travelled with my folks on the metro with just THAT ticket for the whole day!
  • Investing on some couture?
    The trendy 'Galleries les Fayettes' on Rue Haussmann is a shopaholics heaven. If you want couture at rock bottom prices, however, you must go to the WOMEN'S Building (the one with the fantastic featured DOME in the middle of the cosmetics counter) and go to Level 5 OR 6(its on the same level as the dome). Here, you'll find a treasure trove worth of designer clothes for MEN and WOMEN at 30-70% off retail WITH ANOTHER 30-50% off that PRICE. If u spend more than E150, you'll claim an extra 12% at the airport when you export the goods outside EU. How fantastic is that? Just to illustrate the savings, I saw a Dolce and Gabanna pin striped mens pants that had an original retail price of E425. It was marked down to E127 (70%off) and an extra 30% discount is added to that price (E89.25). Export that garment and youll get an extra E10.71 in your pocket.

    the Downside? The products are OLD (who cares, they still look trendy to me), some are superficially stained and hardly any of the sales assistants speak English.
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    Some attractions are free of charge like the Washington Monument. But you have to fall in line (sometimes) and get your numbered ticket first at a nearby booth to get in.
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    thanks for the tour .... oooppsss, i mean TIPS
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