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I was HURT most when...

I know I probably shouldn't even be thinking about this topic because I know it's over, but well...

Anyway, what's the worst thing anyone ever did to you?

The thing that hurt me most was being stood up by my bf on the day of our 3rd Anniversary, and I waited for about 8 hours. crying.gif



  • my world fell apart when my bf left me. and the saddest part of it was that it wasn't his fault. i pushed him to do it. i chickened out with the kind of commitment he offered. as soon as he left, i realized what kind of a man i gave up. so stupid of me! and even more idiotic, he tried to make amends (though he was not at fault), but i was so adamant that i made him, and myself believe that i wanted him out of my life. ahh pride! don't let it eat your heart. :(
  • i was HURT most when i got my first heart break. until now it does hurt because i thought all along that what i have with this person was so special and wonderful (until now i still believe in that). i have tried my best to let it work out but, eveything is complicated. what hurts all the more is that until i still believe that it would rekindle...and i decided to hold on to it for at least a year or two. it may hurt (i know) but i guess i have decided to risk a little more. it is better this way than end up wondering what could have been if i tried little bit more. until now, it hurts but it is what i want...for now...

    i guess i change my mind with the first experience...right now (three days after)...what hurts me the most with the same experiece is that i have to face the consequences of my decision to finally confront him and tell him what i truly feel. dealing with the truth (now, it is the friendship i can hold on to and nothing more) is not only painful but the loneliest. you feel you are torn between having to deal with the hurtful truth and what you would rather hear...but, i still sick to my previous decision...

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  • siguro, nung nakipagsplit yung 2nd bf ko. umalis kasi ako para sa college ko. tapos di daw niya kaya. after two months nalaman ko may bago na siyang gf! kapal nga eh!
  • *hugs BabyFATS* What a jerk yung guy ha :mad:

    For my part, it would be when I also waited for my childhood sweetheart to court me eventually. We were the hottest love team in the school for three years. When I graduated from elementary, I had to leave the school and him behind (cuz he's one year younger). He kept a promise that he would still be there for me, and that he would court me when he get older. I turned down all my suitors just for him. I was on my fourth year in high school, and I knew for sure that this would be it. That he would start courting me, because that was what he told me. But dang! I just found out that he was already going out with another girl.

    Oh well.
  • maxieGRLmaxieGRL PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    when the love of my life (at the time) started courting my bestfriend...
  • i was really hurt when i learned that my ex-boyfriend was gay!! *ulk!*

    kaka-hiya yun noh! blush.gif hurt to the max ang pride ko!! lol.gif
  • tootytooty PExer
    the one I ...
    is the one that ...
  • calicali PExer
    i was hurt most when i lost my bestfriend
  • When I believed that my pseudo-bf was over the girl he was in love with, only to find out that after three months, he got devastated that she got herself a bf and he ignored me for about two weeks. I was totally hurt by that since he made it appear that I had made him forget about the girl.

    But nevermind that, coz now we've been inseparable for over two years!
  • kakalungkot naman dto... :( *sighs*

    here's a hug to all of you who've been hurt... *hug*!! :)
  • I was going out with this guy then out of the blue -- he slept with somebody else. What a jerk.

  • BabyFATS sings... to all the jerks I've loved before...

    Anyway, thanks acridmouth . Everything's ok now... :)
  • aww...*hugs crunchy*

    that guy's a J-E-R-K!
  • hello BabyFATS! Are you and your bf still going out? (la lang)

    I was most hurt when my bf called it quits just when I was in this stage na I believe we can weather all possible storms as long as we have each other. Masakit kasi I was well aware of the possible difficulties we might encounter and even though I knew it, I was willing to go the distance. Siya pala, he was somewhat aware of the circumstances (although before we became us, I voiced them out na) and when the enormity of the truth finally settled in sa kanya, he called it quits. I was majorly disappointed kasi he couldn't live up to what he said to me before. Hurtful kasi we both know na we care for each other but we can't be together because of this and another HURTFUL thing is the fact that inspite of my leniency, he still missed his freedom. (ayan, nai-iyak nanaman ako)

    Madami actually, i'm letting it go little by little. In time ... (does that answer your question sa thread na I posted BabyFATS?)

    Smile! :D
  • moodswing75 : yeah, we still do. and yes, you've answered my q. what can i say, misery loves company... lol.gif

    but i'm happy you're working on things already. at least di ba? :)
  • my friend was hurt most when:
    1. the professor she liked went to the lab to help this girl that he liked...ganda no? ang tragic..namamatay na sya dun sa lab at etong si mokong eh pa-cute effect pa dun sa girl...BWEHEHEHEHE :D

    2. WE constantly make away to her...[pano kasi, kung kilala nyo lang yan....GRABE! basta, sabi ng isa kong friend she's got VIOLENCE written all over her pwet!]

    ako naman...

    I was hurt most when the professor I liked got married and had a KID! nakakainis! hmpf talaga...
  • VeraVera PExer
    Nang malaman kong bading pala siya!
  • when i saw the saddest look in the world in my x's eyes that day i left him.
  • ...when my own mother does not even realize the things that i can do...

    ...when my bestfriend left me just when i needed her most...
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