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Is having my pet neutered wrong?

Verbl KintVerbl Kint The Usual Suspect PExer
Im thinking of having my pet cat neutered. Is this act morally reprehensible? What effects should I expect if ever I push through with it?


  • cRzYcHiQacRzYcHiQa squeeze me. juice me. PExer
    hello Verbl Kint. My family and i have adopted a neutered cat. one thing we noticed is...unlike our previous cat...hindi sha naglalayas. :) well maybe that's coz he doesn't have sexual urges or something coz he's neutered. ehehe.

    i think there's nothing wrong with neutering. actually i believe it's a good thing. kasi you're helping din na mabawasan ang stray cats. super dami na ng stray cats dito sa pinas. and another thing is...iwas na din sa reproductive system problems. :)

    just ask your vet when is the right time to have your cat neutered. :)
  • Verbl KintVerbl Kint The Usual Suspect PExer
    I know what you mean. Madalas gumimik ang pusa ko at madaling araw na kung umuwi. :D
  • Ice BurnIce Burn Conflicting Karma ✭✭
    The responsible thing to do is to neuter your cat. There are too many strays out there and a number of them end up as road kill. Not to mention these strays do bring all sorts of diseases. Supposedly your cat mates with a diseased ridden cat? tsk, tsk...

    The effects? Your cat will get fat. Better exercise the flabby tabby then...

    The Benefits? No more nocturnal wanderings, no more marking around your house especially your furniture (cat's musk smells!!!), no more caterwauling and no more contributing to the stray population.
  • pepperpronepepperprone I don't know to you! PExer
    true. :) it will be a big comfort to you and your cat, lalo na pag tumanda na siya. :) i read in a vet's website that cats are prone to some sort of cancer or disease yata pag laging pregnant. i'm not sure.

    had my cat recently spayed. she's had her mating days na naman eh. :) and i also don't want any poor kittens dumped in garbage bins by heartless people. this is one way to stop it.

    you can have your cats spayed and neutered at PAWS (less than 1 thou), or at the UP VEt. Hospital in Diliman (less than 1k din), Aso't Pusa in San Juan (libre pag Saturday) or at the other vets. Ask your suking veterinarian din. :)
  • cRzYcHiQacRzYcHiQa squeeze me. juice me. PExer
    hery pepperprone!!! about the free neutering in san you have their number? we have a kitty that we want to be neutered kasi. we dont want to breed cats...and ayaw naman namen ng "accidental breeding" at hindi naman ma-alagaan ang kitties. we have two speedy is neutered na. we got him that way na. so yung pa kaya hindi pa neutered. hope you could post their number. thanks :)
  • pepperpronepepperprone I don't know to you! PExer
    aso't pusa
    #1 P. Guevarra St. SAn, Juan
    fax: 726-1762
  • cRzYcHiQacRzYcHiQa squeeze me. juice me. PExer
    thanks. took note of it already. :)
  • aina_crazy_girlaina_crazy_girl Thriving. PExer
    i think neutering is good, because it minimizes the overpopulation of stray cats and dogs that end up as road kill or vermin-ridden pets.

    animals are little people, they deserve the best
  • Verbl KintVerbl Kint The Usual Suspect PExer
    Thanks for the posts ladies and gents, much appreciated :)

    When should I have my cat neutered? Is there a proper procedure for this?
  • CyberspacebabeCyberspacebabe Member PExer
    YES!!! It's the responsible thing to do... spay (for females) or neuter/castrate (for males) your cat. As other cat-loving post-ers said above, it's the moral and ethical thing to do.

    From experience, "fixed" cats rarely get into fights, rack up unnecessary vet bills (from fighting or pregnancy complications), and spray urine all over the house.

    Plus, you will not contribute to more road-kill and lost, starving and diseased kittens.

    To allow your cat to breed without any idea on who will take care of its offspring is adding insult to injury to the countless strays victimized by cars, sickness, and cruel people who hurt animals.

    It's best to have your cat fixed around 8 months of age. That time, the reproductive organs are more or less fully developed, but the animal still isn't habituated to sexual behavior (i.e., fighting, straying, spraying). If your cat has become used to the sexual act before being fixed, it will be difficult to change its behavior (although it will lessen to a certain extent) Bring your pet to a reliable veterinarian (Aso't Pusa fixes pets for free or a minimal fee), and they will do a complete checkup and give you some instructions (no food or water 24 hours before operation, etc.) Usually the cat stays overnight at the vet because they check if it has recovered from the anesthesia.

    I have watched one of my cats get neutered, and it was a quick procedure (less than an hour), although spaying takes much longer because the reproductive organs are internal.

    join: [email protected] :)
  • mytitagirlmytitagirl Member PExer
    as soon as possible have your pet neutered kung hindi naman pala breeding pet. mas okay yan at very responsible, hindi lang sa feline population, kundi sa human population din para ma-minimize ang screetching on rooftops during heat season ng cats
  • Verbl KintVerbl Kint The Usual Suspect PExer
    How much would it cost in UP?
  • pepperpronepepperprone I don't know to you! PExer
    verbl kint, mga P800 daw + 150 for medication. but you have to call ahead dahil almost always fully booked sila lagi. only fridays and saturdays sila nag spay/neuter.

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