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Is it wrong to dream for someone you know you could never have?

Call me crazy, but I'm really head-over-heels about this basketball player... I know I could never have him, but is it so wrong to hope? Help....


  • OtchOOtchO PExer
    i guess, ok lang iyan but this should never interfere with the things that are far more important :rolleyes:
    also, after sometime tigilan mo na unless u could find a way to know and befriend him...tapos kidnapin mo na! crazy.gif
  • Salamat OtchO! Pag-iisipan ko ng husto ang advise mo... :D
  • stephsteph PExer
    hmmm...dream is okay...but if u feel like it's going beyond "dreaming", then u have to wake up soon... :D

    btw, welcome to pex!! (hmmm...do i know u ba?? cno yung player na gusto mo?) thinker.gif
  • bambibambi PExer
    its not wrong but it definitely hurts.
  • ABCABC PExer
    It's not wrong to dream about someone who you think is quite unreachable. Actually, I've had 3 serious relationships in my life, and all of them with guys whom I thought could never get attracted to me because they're just "up there" or "taken". I dreamed about them but never actually hoped. I guess it's just fate, or uhmm...a little detective work and ingenuity from us girls :) I tried making my dream of Keanu falling for me come true but I don't think it's going to happen. I saw him in person though when I was in the States and that was just the nearest thing to heaven.

    Just stay cool. Dream and pray. But don't get your hopes too high if you think that there's absolutely no way on earth that you can meet the guy of your dreams.
  • smiley.. i used to be like that!! so much... talagang nakikipag away si me :)

    pero i got over it... love.gif

    theres nothing wrong with dreaming... that doesnt mean... hindi yun magiging reality.. di ba , malay mo! keep your hopes high!

    one thing is sad though... ksi me too.. i have these dreams, na alam kong impossible.. 1 in 100 ang chance.. pero i still dream.. nakaka lungkot lang crying.gif
  • Steph: I'm not sure you know him... Jonathan de Guzman? Player ng Pasig sa MBA.
  • rhytzrhytz PExer
    wrong, if you let this fantasies of yours control your whole being in such a way that it would be destructive on ur part.
    ex. yng hde ka na makakain, makatulog, makagawa etc.

    right, if it will serve as an inspirational tool to work hard,improve ur being etc.

    btw, dnt u find Dino Aldeguer of PBA more attractive? <;Lol>; :)
  • bastebaste PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐

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  • Libre lang namang mangarap diba?

    peacelove and godspeed!
  • well, I think it really depends..

    If you are still single, then no problem..
    Actual, it is even healthy (in the psych sense of the word :D )

    but if you are already mmm how do we say it. uh.... established with someone.. :D
    Then it is definitely wrong. Because as silly as it may seem, it is actually tantamount to cheating on your loved one. to admire is okay.. but to actually dream of that someone.. well.. It means that you have set aside a special part of your heart for that person in your heart and in essence, you will be weighing yourloved one against that person you are dreaming of.

    In the worst case scenario, it is like a guy saying an ex's name during Sexual intercourse instead of the one he is in bed with.

    For exmample, the wife's name is Linda. and the past GF was Sylvia.. if you were Linda and you heard your husband say Sylvia's name during that most intimate of moments? wouldn't you feel hurt?
  • rorsrors PExer
    i find nothing wrong in dreaming whatsoever. but everything we do should be done in moderation, lest we destroy our well-being ;)
  • Road DoggRoad Dogg PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Kilala ko iyang Jonathan De Guzman na iyan. I see him play for Pasig-Rizal in the MBA. Sadly, I don't have any info about him. :(

    About your problem, it's not wrong to dream on someone that you cannot have, pero you should still control yourself. ;)
  • smiley, i have a friend who's uncle happens to be gido, who is jonathan's teammate. what i have to say about jonathan isn't good. but i guess it's not bad to dream about him although if you knew what i knew...it'd give you nightmares! i'm sorry...it's just that...oh well..just dream...it's ok...it's not bad...
  • dreams about people who you know you cannot have are crazy...just like any other dream worth dreaming about... :)

    it may hurt, and you may end up disappointed...but dreams are the very essense of our being, and unless you have the right dreams, perhaps, dreams that are a bit crazy, then life wouldn't be worth living... :)
  • BadGiRLBadGiRL PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    Wala naman siguro masama d ba?
  • "Sometimes we get through adversity only by imagining what the world might be like if our dreams should ever come true."
    -A. Golden, Memoirs of a Geisha
    Kung ganon ok lang mag-dream di ba? just make sure you get your feet back on the ground after a while...baka mapagkamalan kang ghost...LABO! :)

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  • Personally, I don't think that it is wrong to ADMIRE someone unreachable. Hey, I do that a lot, (more so now) because it keeps my mind off things and it's some form of an escape. But, ganun lang sa akin, hanggang dreams lang. They keep me company until the real person comes along. My friends tell me to wake up (kasi I go: "wait lang ha? I think Enrique Iglesias is on the other line") pero I tell them na "hey, this is a day dream okay? might as well reach for the stars!"

    For me kasi, it hurts more to dream about someone who is reachable but doesn't know I exist eh.

    Man, I don't think I made sense here! (I hope you did get my drift though) :)
  • theres nothing wrong naman with dreaming eh...pero different thing na if youre obssessing na...basta dont let it take away the things and people you love before you found "him/her" :D
  • 827827 PExer
    There's nothing wrong with dreaming. Yun nga lang you should know your limitations. Just don't forget the difference between dreams and reality.
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