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HAve you Eva Fallen Out of LovE???

have you ??? what's the reason , and what's the situation....

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  • rhytzrhytz PExer
    just recently.

    We met last October, transferee sya fr Perpetual College. I had a bf then, pero he was very vocal about the idea na crushy nya raw ako. Tapos my bf and I broke up. That was his chance to court me. He was sweet and caring at first.It was the very reason para sagutin ko sya after 2 wks. Tapos nun naging kme na, para nag-iba ang ihip ng hangin. He was completely the opposite of who he projected he was nung nililigawan pa nya ako. I tried talking to him pero he neglected me. Kaya i was fed up and after a month i broke up with him.

    That was very traumatic in my part kaya from then on hde na ako naniniwala sa courtship, With reasons you obviously know grrr.gif
  • blinkblink PExer
    not yet pero i hope it will not happen to me....i wouldn't be able to handle the situation, knowing that i would be the one to hurt him bec. i wouldn't be able to love him the way he loves me. But i would rather that the situation is reversed, that he would be the one who has fallen out of love.... i guess i would rather be the one hurt that the one who is causing it.
  • Yes I have but I still love her though.
    I mean Im no longer IN LOVE. Love and In Love are two different things. One is fleeting, one is forever.

    She lives so far and then she moved to a farther place. She had no phone for one month. When we talked again the feeling was no longer there.

    No more fireworks, no more kilig, nothing.
  • not really in the sense na totally nag-fall out of love...siguro nagkakataon lang na pag nagsplit kami ng bf ko, mayroon lang na dumadating na iba. pero it doesn't mean na yung feelings ko for my ex ay wala na. i know na nandon pa yon, yun nga lang i nao-occupy lang ng iba yung attention ko. wonder.gif
  • YEA! actually hirap nga pag nandon ka sa ganong situation...4 1/2 yrs na kami ng bf, then akala namin kami na but all of a sudden na feel ko na lang walang magic! so nakipag break ako. pro nde don natapos coz nde nya matanggap na ganon lang ang dahilan ko. pro in all honesty wala namang 3rd party. it's just that I enjoy being single and no committment. kaso parang na obssess na sya. dumating kami sa point na pinagbabantaan nya ko.

    I just pray na sana makatagpo sya ng girl na karapatdapat sa kanya.

  • http://www.pinoyexchange.com/Forum12/HTML/001198.html -->; this is a similar topic and might be interesting for u to look at :D
  • yea seen it na punkchick, i even posted there b4 :) , gusto ko lang kasi based from actual experience....

    keysersore, how can u say u still love her if the feeling is no longer there "???"
  • yup. there was this certian girl i used to go out with...bed thing was, i was a bit serious with her, but after a few months of going out, i realized that she wasn't the same girl that i saw when i was courting her...things went bad on my part starting then and eventually we broke up...guess i was still young and immature then... :)
  • took me 6 years to fall out of my first love. he had a girl, fell in love with me but got too guilty to commit to me. ergo, had to let me go. eventually they also broke up. it still hurts sometimes but i'm over him now.
  • blackblade21: I mean the sparks you know...walang kilig...I love her yes. I still want the best for her and everything but there's no longer this urgency in me to see her to hear her, to feel her, just to be with her...
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