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bad experiences with fitness first?



  • orangepinkorangepink orange != pink PExer
    vandolph wrote:
    Did you get to read the article of Butch Francisco about a gym he didn't name? If you read the posts here and Butch's article, pareho ang feedback. The article was a confirmation that FF really sucks!!! :lol:

    can you post a link here? thanks
  • vandolphvandolph ay anak ni Alma Ranas. PExer
    orangepink wrote:
    can you post a link here? thanks

    Nasa website ng Philippine Star
  • Phil_EaglePhil_Eagle Member PExer
    a friend of mine terminated his account already, but FF still charged fees in his credit card. amount was reversed though, but i think sa ibang tao, baka nakakalusot sila. wala namang penalty sa kanila kung magkamali sila ng pag-charge eh.
  • Austin_20Austin_20 Member PExer
    vandolph wrote:
    Did you get to read the article of Butch Francisco about a gym he didn't name? If you read the posts here and Butch's article, pareho ang feedback. The article was a confirmation that FF really sucks!!! :lol:

    lahat yata ng gym inenrollan ni Butch :rotflmao: i saw him sa slimmers and gold's gym...

    ano ba nakalagay sa article?
  • femme fatalfemme fatal femme fatal PExer
    naobserve ko lang mostly ng may compaints with fitness first are sa greenhills branch ha?? i also experienced a bad experience with them-fitness first greenhills. ngaun ko nalaman pumapayag pala sila na alang credit card ung mga members, i thought they dont allow it. kc every month dinedebit nila me from my credit card.before im using using my citibank card when i first joined the club and then nagpaammend me not to use anymore my citibank card i transferred it to my other credit card. so ok naman for how many months don nila ko debit sa new card ko. and then last month nagulat ako may nagappear sa citibank ko 2 charges from fitness first makati and take note 2 tao pa cia. they charged me 4,100 sa citibank bukod pa sa credit card ko na ginagamet. i called fitness first and sabe nila may nakaride daw sa citibank ko na 2 member from greenhills na di ko kilala. di ko cia kilala so i was surprised. nagtataka ko bket cla pumapayag na magpagamet ng credit card ng ibang members without consent of the member. feeling ko may fraud don. kc ala naman nakakalam credit card details mo kundi cla lang and ung membership consultant ko. then i found out parehas kame membership consultant. kaso not connected na ung consultant ko sa fitness. nung knausap ko ung taga acctg ni di man lang cla nagsorry for the inconvenience...haay gusto ko na magquit kaso may 1 yr contract me....

    so beware na lang sa mga credit card holders jan na member ng fitness first at baka chargan kau ng di nyo kilala ang mahal pa namn monthly dues nila...
  • Vanda Ms Jo A QVanda Ms Jo A Q Bt Timah Datin PExer
    it's sad that FF's business model in manila seems to be that of its key competitor in singapore and hong kong: 24hour fitness (formerly known as california fitness). that is, maximize recruitment even if the club ends up like a packed cinema during the first day of a tom cruise starrer. in other words, profit first (uhm, that sounds like a more appropriate name for name, don't you think?). but i'm getting ahead of my story.

    i didn't realize how different (but in a bad way) FF was here in manila from my home city until i decided to check out their booth at one of the suburban malls over the weekend. the promo schemes being offered seemed attractive - provided you charge your monthly dues to your credit card. i had no problem with that. i could use the rewards points and get frequent flyer miles! but since all my credit cards were issued overseas, i thought it would be prudent to try out the facilities - even for just a day or a weekend - before signing on the dotted line. otherwise, it would be troublesome to ask for a refund. you don't get your money back until after 60 days!

    i articulated this quite clearly to the sales person attending to me. but the space cadet thought i was just being difficult and decided to call houston for reinforcement. out came this caucasian lady who wasn't of much help either. she tried to be intimidating and her first words were: "i was told that you have problems with the fees?" i tried to remain calm having seen her kind in SG and HK and clarified that while i was unclear about one of the fee components, my bigger concern was the non-issuance of a day/weekend pass. she gave a standard reply in an icy tone that reminded me of the white witch in "Narnia" (great film, by the way): "we have stopped issuing day/weekend passes as people have abused this privilege. they just try the free workout and never bother signing up after."

    i was stunned. i told her that FF doesn't operate this way in SG and HK. "and don't prospective clubmembers don't have the right to say no - and not sign up?", i quickly shot back in my crisp but neutral north american accent. sensing the alpha ***** in front of her, she tried a different tack: "why don't you call FF at ELJ building? i'm sure they'll be more than willing to let you try their facilities."

    and then i remembered that they don't have gyms in north america so i just smiled and left. i think i'll be better off with Gold's.
  • mangosagomangosago Member ✭✭
    magaling lang naman ang fitness first kapag gusto nila maka-close ng sales deal eh, pero ang after-sales service nila walang kwenta. like my sister's dilemma. she had her membership cancelled last dec 2004 pa pero until now binabayaran pa rin niya ang monthly. we called FF eastwood many times na regarding this pero walang masagot. incompetent yung MR manager nila na si abigail. i told her staff to tell her to return my calls pero walang nangyayari. whenever i call her sa branch, either she's in the meeting or talking to another member. complete refund lang talaga!
  • sinthsinth Member PExer
    ngpapaterminate pa ba cla ng accounts? i tried to terminate mine but they told me that that policy doesn't exist anymore.. they said i have to transfer my account to someone who has a credit card.. i enrolled at robinsons place manila
  • Vanda Ms Jo A QVanda Ms Jo A Q Bt Timah Datin PExer
    mangosago: ur sis is still paying her FF dues via her credit card? has she tried calling her bank to cancel any future payments? yesterday, i walked past the same FF roadshow i saw last week. the clueless space cadet noticed me and gave me a sheepish smile. this time, the booth's main attraction was a young, gorgeous and bodacious white guy who looked like he walked straight out of the pages of an abercrombie or country road (since he's probably from down under!) catalogue. kawawa naman ang magpapa-uto sa kanila!
  • knnknn Member PExer
    Hay naku!! After reading all your complaints abt their overcharging the Credit Card. I wrote to them to transfer payment from Credit Card to CASH. Wala!!!! Deadma...kung anu anong reason ang binigay.

    Am gonna quit gonna conveniently loose my credit card.....very soon too!

    but sure ba na once you lose the Credit Card, Fitness First won't be able to auto debit anymore? thanks lots
  • bad experience ko lang sa fitness first is yung di me na inform na may bayad pag nag pa freeze ka nung mabago bago pa ko at la pang trabaho dahil newly grad... tapos yung monthly rate nila nag taas pa dahil sa vat.

    ok lng sa FF pwede mag workout kahit saang branch even abroad.

    pinaka jologs na branch na work-out place is yung sa Robinsons Summit Makati - grabe ang sama ng amoy, AMOY PAA yung locker room tapos ang sikip pinaghalung amoy ng banyo, sabon, pawis na nanikit sa equipments ang baba ng ceiling.

    di naman sa maarte pero syempre kailangan rin worth yung binabayad ko.
  • changelingchangeling Member PExer
    GRABE HA buhay pa pala ang ganitong sistema ng FF. kami ng sis ko nagkaproblema noon pa... 2003 to 2004. Kala ko natapos na yan, ganyan pa rin pala. At that time, P1750 pa lang yung monthly---same thing we were charged 3-4 months worth of gym time kahit terminated na yung contract. Personal pa kaming nag appear sa EASTWOOD branch nila just to submit and sign the termination contract. Nung inireklamo namin ang charges, sinabi nung tao na NAWALA ANG PAPEL na pinirmahan namin!!! Tinanong pa kami kung kelan daw kami nagpunta, etc para bang duda siya.

    Dahil daw nawala yung papel, hindi daw nagtake effect ang termination, so liable kami sa gym fees. Citibank ang card ko nun, at walang help silang mabibigay---same reply as those i read above: sabi hindi nila mapipigil kasi naka auto-debit, tapos may approval naman daw kaming pinirmahan with FF at the start.

    GRRRRR talaga, kapabayaan nila, kaw ang pagbabayarin.

    to mangosago: tama ba iyong nabasa ko na your sis is STILL PAYING her monthly? SCAM na nila iyon---they dont want to stop debiting her credit card so she has to make them stop, even if it means reporting her card lost or stolen. kung kinakailangan magpalit siya ng credit card, gawin niya. why pay for something na di niya ginamit. mayaman siguro kayo noh.... (no offense pero kasi since dec 2004 to jan 16---- thats at least 2000/mo x 13 months = 26,000 in unused and unwanted gym membership fees. Sana binili nalang niya ng Nokia N90 or something...)
  • changelingchangeling Member PExer
    malakas ata loob ng FF mang abuso using credit card autodebit kasi walang naghahabla, the amount is big but not big enough para may mag-sue. Wanna bet wala silang pinahihirapang mga lawyers who decide to terminate their membership...

    They probably choose the clients the sa tingin nila puwede silang lumusot sa kalokohan nila...
  • bluesharkblueshark Finding Nemo PExer
    Report your credit card stolen or lost para ma-cut na din yung auto-debit-ing ng FF. Once your card is replaced, nde na sila makaka-charge kasi iba na ang card number nyo.

    I am not sure kung pwede din to request your banks to cut auto-debit arrangement with a particular company like FF.

    My personal exp with FF, I froze my membership for 2 months and decided to terminate 1 month before my 2nd freezed month ends. Nde daw pwede ang ganon, dapat daw I allow my membership to be alive again for another month then tsaka lang pwdeng ma-terminate.

    Sabi ko, I read your conditions and walang ganong provision. Anyway, my FF agent was able to convince me to do that. In short, para nde na maubos ang patience ko, I just accepted it. But made sure na dapat, wala ng additional conditions. Ayun, na-terminate naman ng maayos. Ang mahal kasi ng P2,+++ na monthly membership eh specially kung nde ka nakakapunta or nagagamit. Makakabili na ako ng bagong cellphone or new clothes sa halagang yon.

  • BongsiBongsi Publisher, Ironpinoy Magazi PExer
    Eclipse 24-hour fitness is now open in Malate Manila. We have some of the most sophisticated cardio machines not found in top gyms in Manila. Plus knowledgeable coaches to guide and give you the results that you are expected to have.

    Eclipse 24/7 Fitness Center is offering a corporate rate of 1,750 for a minimum of 10 employees in one company. A 250 discount from our regular Gold Unlimited membership of 2,000. Corporate mermbership is an unlimited membership which you have access to all the amenities like steam room, hot and cold shower, lockers, cardio equipment, group exercises, spinning, trainer and 24-hour use. Also we offer this to groups of 3 as well. We require no membership fees nor any other fees. Active Fitness First members who will transfer to Eclipse will have a 500 pesos discount. We also have student rates starting at 800 pesos.

    For more details please call 5249322. Or visit our website for other rates, and pictures of the gym. Or visit us at G/f Le Mirage Condo, 2126 A. Mabini St., Malate, Manila.

    Bong Pico
    General Manager, Eclipse 24/7 Fitness Center
  • Leo_WyattLeo_Wyatt For The Record PExer
    My first bad experience after my more than 1 year of membership. They double-charged me. :grrr:

    I paid them in cash last April 11 dahil na-decline ang card ko. Aba! When my credit card bill arrived, I saw Fitness First successfully posted in my bill "even before I paid them in cash". Langya! Call it inefficiency, stupidity, or whatsoever. Hopefully I can settle this with them while retaining my composure. I dont want to burn bridges with them dahil sila lang pinakamalapit na branch from my workplace. Next is Gold's Gym at Ayala Tower One. Worse comes to worst, I might file for a letter of termination of membership if my assertive communication do not work. *pexadik*
  • BchemistBchemist Head Coach aka The Sheriff PExer
    I don't care if this pisses people off, but this is freedom of speech at its best.

    I was a member of Fitness First in 2004.

    I cancelled the membership, or at least requested terminiation, 6 months after I joined. I expected to be billed the 6 month freeze rate only afterwards.

    Lo and behold, I'm billed for 16 months after my 12 months was finished...only brought to my attention by chance since it slipped the attention of my accountant.

    I went to Fitness First and asked them, nicely, to refund it. I even produced the original cancellation request after they claimed they lost it, complete with signature of the receiving copy.

    They said NO...the OVER BILLING STANDS.

    Oh really.

    Fine then FITNESS just created a martyr...a big one with a BIG MOUTH AND QUICK FINGERS.

    Worse, I'm your direct competitor.


    [***Edited***] I warned you that you will not rip me off and get away with it.

    This is a relevant topic since so many readers have the right to beware of when they sign up for a gym. I have a vested interest in a business, i.e. a gym, but this time, it's personal.

  • phat_azz_TKDphat_azz_TKD PEXer PExer
    recently lang ba kayo nag-cancel ng membership with fitness first?
  • bluesharkblueshark Finding Nemo PExer
    I think all those who are complaining about FF's poor monthly fee collection should send a formal complaint with the Department of Trade and Industry's Consumer Desk.

    That is the only way na matututo ang mga 'yan sa mga kapalpakan nila.

    Personally, I did not have those overbilled charges after I terminated my membership with FF but they made me stay for another month before termination kasi hindi daw pwede ang termination immediately after membership freeze.

    Para wala na lang gulo at endless discussion, I accepted it although I made it clear na wala yung ganoong provision sa contract.
  • blakedaddyblakedaddy Moderator ✭✭✭
    They're gonna lose more money that way

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