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what's ur idea of a PERFECT DATE?

beach, dinner, picnic sa mountain, hmmm movies, sa park, sa bar :rolleyes: pwede rin sa tabing ilog,where???


  • dinner, then sa beach, mag star gazing...wow then it's time to go home.
  • neth_rowneth_row PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    i might sound corny, pero anything will do, basta you have the perfect partner :rolleyes:

  • oh yeah...the partner is much important...but u have to make sure that he/she will have a good time, so u have to think of a good idea
  • yeah PINK the right partner is very important!yeah you can have a nice dinner date in an expensive place yeah that's cool but for me anywhere as long as that u like your date and ur date also like u..mind me everything will just be fine...pero WATERFRONT is a nice place to stroll and stand by with ur date ... :)

  • green gringreen grin PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    anywhere, anytime, with anyone as long as walang pretense. ;)

  • charles: that's the place wer ur grl said YES
  • blush.gif stargazing with my bf....or basta sumwer na tahimik n secluded..... blush.gif
  • as long as i'm with my hunnie it's perfect.
  • tsaditsadi Administrator PEx Moderator
    my dearest sweet little (sis?) PINK-, (hehehe) ... FYI lang ha, i think on June 20++ 2000 (i'm not so sure about the date pero ill come back here pagnakita ko na yung reference ko), magkakaroon ng full lunar eclipse ... the earths shadow will cover the moon for more than 90 minutes (im not sure about the figures) ...
    romantic darkness for more than 90 minutes ... hehehe ... kung ano gusto mong gawin, ikaw na bahala, basta ako, i have plans na ... ahihihihihi lol.gif
  • when u two get along just fine and after u had gone home, u'll just smile to sleep and rmbr him by.
  • yeah u know PINK-

    yeah month of june.......on that time ill be turning 17 .gift nya nako pink......
  • mine's just simple...
    it may be in any part of the house where the only light available is emanating from the candles, arms wrapped around each other...then sweetly dancing to "A Kind Of Eden" by The Orchids. No one speaks. Just the low humming sound of the record...and the beat of ur heart *sigh*
  • HOw do u know PINK-

    heheh yeah that's nice........

  • shrech_c : as if hindi ko alam...u told ur friend about it. (maybe i'm one of those friends who know bout it)


    [This message has been edited by PINK- (edited 04-22-2000).]
  • tsaddddddiiiiii bebe!!!!!

    is there such thing as romantic darkness ???

    hmmm on JUNE? maybe i should think na on whos goin to be mah date (hehehehehe) wonder.gif

    basta -- i just want a HuG from someone special blush.gif

  • wat are you thinking shrech_c???? would u mind telling me? murag dangerous na dah!
  • what am i thinking PINK-?

    hhhmmmmmmmm im thinking.........................ay nalang...aw am am ..ay...wala hhmmmmmmmmm......wala uyyyyyyyyyy....


  • hahay.........stargazing wonder.gif

    shrech_c: wat ??? tell me
  • PINK--unsa ba????what do u want to tell u????????

    libug nako nimo uy...?wat ba?wala mannnnnnnnnn..im just asking for a gift.heheee

  • hehehehehehe well i hope i'm wrong shrech_c.

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