Do you like GMA?

surfbombsurfbomb im starting to feel home PExer
well, i dont! hehehe... im not also a Pro FPJ!

i dont see any transparency in her govt. puro hypocrisy lng po.

this is just my opinion. with conviction...


  • EcKo_01EcKo_01 Alam mo NA!!! :-p PExer
    same here!
    sa smile pa lang eh napaka-plastic na!
    walang sincerity man lang. oh well...
  • avonleaavonlea Moderator PExer
    no... i don't like GMA...

    but i wish her government good luck...

    i hope she succeeds in running the country...
  • fajArdO851fajArdO851 Banned by Admin PExer
  • soulthirdsoulthird It Ain't Worth It PExer
    I do.
  • guild_steersmanguild_steersman Banned by Admin PExer
    Who would like Mrs. Pidal? :glee: Although she is a better choice than having FPJ, the Pidals are still corrupt. The country is still gonna go nowhere.
  • spindoctorspindoctor pelvic splachnic ganglion PExer
    Originally posted by EcKo_01
    same here!
    sa smile pa lang eh napaka-plastic na!
    walang sincerity man lang. oh well...
    Have you seen her picture in Inquirer Libre when she was 14 years old? My God, that young but she already had that undignified smirk!

    I liked GMA only up to the time she had Erap arrested. After that, she went to the dogs and so did my belief in her. I'm not counting on any of her 10 key promises, but I sincerely hope she does the country good this time around despite the fact that she squandered all our gains in her first term.
  • onwilsonwils Critical Man PExer
    I never did like her. But if it's a choice between FPeeJ and the moled rat, the lesser of the two idiots. GMA nalang.
  • padopado Simpleng Tao Lang Po. PExer
    Ayaw ko rin sa kanya... i dont think naman na babagsak ang pilipinas sa kanya.. wala lang mapupuntahan... mahirap pa rin.. at kung papipiliin din ako, FPJ or GMA.. GMA na nga.

    ...lacson na lang sana!hehe..
  • mart1mart1 Member PExer
    i do
  • adlawadlaw gi-atay. PExer
    i like her.

    ang layo kaya ng agwat niya kay ep pee gee. :p

  • R3'91R3'91 lurker extraordinaire PExer
    "I know you like me! C'mon, admit it? Who wouldn't like me with a smile like this??"
  • onwilsonwils Critical Man PExer
    Put some whiskers on that face and you can't tell it's difference from a rat.
  • huamihuami Member PExer
    NO. Pero wala akong magagawa maliban sa maging isang mabuting mamayan ng Pilipinas.
  • renzrenz Banned by Admin PExer
    anybody who likes a cheater and liar.... ay birds of same feather flock together. hehehe.
  • mart1mart1 Member PExer
    hmm. Your grasp of the english language simply astounds me.
    Originally posted by renz
    anybody who likes a cheater and liar.... ay birds of same feather flock together. hehehe.
  • husky150husky150 Sugar Daddy PExer
    I used to think she would be good for the country.

    Ah, but by their deeds you shall know them, shan't you?

    But one thing I truly find exasperating when you let people know that you dislike this woman is that they automatically accuse you of being for FPJ. This simply isn't so. I had a short conversation with a good and very intelligent friend who works in her administration, and it went something like this:

    Me: So, your boss won, finally.

    Him: Would you rather have had FPJ?

    Me: You might as well have asked me if I preferred arsenic over strychnine.

    Him: Touche.
  • jdlcjdlc Meyembro PExer
    No, but at least I'm not delusional enough to think that the opposition particularly the KNP camp formerly known as PM could be the salvation of our country. Not much of a difference really but it's clear who is or ARE the bigger idiot(s).
  • bwisitbwisit Member PExer
    I like her as president rather than ep pee gee (pahiram ng ep pee

    About her facial expression na parang plastic,
    may ganyan talaga mga tao na akala mo
    galit, suplado, snob etc. but when u get to know them, hindi pala sila ganoon. Kaya huwag nyo judge ang isang tao sa facial expression, kasi iba iba ang bone structures
    ng bawat tao.
  • AbulugAdventureAbulugAdventure Fate Harlaown's husband ✭✭
  • FenixFenix Member PExer
    Seems like most of you here doesnt like her because of the way she looks... that's the pinoy mentality for you! Well me, I didn't like her because of the way she ran the country in the last 3 years. Now we'll see...

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