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MJ Malaking Jird

can you suggest a good and dependable maintenance shop/s (for change oils, check-ups) as a cheaper alternative than the casa?


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  • Mokkori
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    Nope... no similar thread out there. :)

    My suggestion...

    Most gasoline stations double as a garage at times and if you have a regular gas station that you go to, you can inquire as to what kind of car maintenance services they offer. I can't say anything about dependability or work quality as it'll vary largley with the kind of mechanics that they have on hand, but I feel that you'd have more control there than at a casa.

    I'd try out Hyper Parts, they seem to do good work. They're located at the corner of Evangelista St. and Edsa, just before the Malibay area. If you're coming from Makati down Edsa, it's right after the fly over just beside Jolibbee on the right side. :)
  • shun_sakurai
    shun_sakurai when in doubt, FLAT OUT!
    I hear Rapide does good work. They change oil, replace brake pads (they have a "lifetime" deal with Bendix pads) and recently they had a promo for aircon system cleanup (PhP990 instead of PhP1,700).

    Just avoid going there for wheel alignment. An acquaintance of mine once worked there and it's NOT computerized.

    Try looking around for gasoline stations that can replace more intricate parts, such as clutch assemblies and engine mounts. You never know when you'll need such repairs. Caltex Merville did that for us before on our old AE101 Corolla. They did a pretty good job.
  • slamm
    slamm runnin on empty
    You can try Speedyfix along Shaw Blvd (near Toyota). I havent tried it yet but i've gotten OK feedback from some guys. For me, i go either to the gas station or to my friend's auto supply for regular change oil/fluids service. For tune-ups, DIY nalang sa garage. We still bring our Nissan cars to Gallery Q. Ave since kaibigan ko yung head mechanic (and we get a good discount). For suspension work, i go to shops like JP Wheels or Wheelers Suspension Haus.

    You can also try places like Caltex Express Lube. :)

    Actually I wouldnt bank on Rapide that much for mechanical repairs... For change oil and their regular service packages pwede pa. We've already gotten a lot of horror stories from them. One friend was having his CV Boot changed and the mechanic managed to destroy his ABS Sensor (whacked it). Up till now he hasnt repaired it AFAIK and they're giving him a pretty hard time. I used to go there for change oil and tried getting estimates for some repairs and they were quoting even higher than the CASA would and they were telling me that the process of a certain job was complicated when i knew it wasnt...

    On alignment rigs, i actually like manual alignment rigs as they seem to be more accurate in setting my tires flat straight based on experience. Some computerized rigs lose their accuracy when they get old. The one at Rapide is laser guided actually and isnt an old one but lugi ka if you're just getting a front alignment as they charge a one price package for alignment.
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