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dismissed or the fifth wheel?

Which rocks your world more? :D

Come to think of it, I like Blind Date the most. At least, there is no competition so you just let it out who you really are. While in the previous two, since you have to compete, you have to flirt... A LOT!


  • Dismissed.

    the people there look more civilized, not to mention look better.

    it makes me wonder how "the fifth wheel" and even "blind date" screen their participants.

    they all look skanky.
  • soulthird
    soulthird It Ain't Worth It
    maybe the skankier, the better. LOL.

    but I hope they show Elimidate here...
  • name
    name .oOoOo.
    Where do they show Dismissed? Is that on ETC too? :hmm:
  • Dismissed is on MTV
  • mintymalone
    mintymalone The dynamite
    The Fifth Wheel is nastier; thus, it's more fun.
  • kikoy
    kikoy may kikay ba dyan?
    The Fifth Wheel...

    coz the characters are skankier compare to DIsmissed!

  • lite
    lite jellybeaniebaby
    Yeah, the Fifth Wheel is too skanky to be true ... my friends and I love watching it. Lagi kaming tawa ng tawa!

    ... but we like Blind Date the most. I don't know where they get those characters!
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