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Cars for Singles

What do you think is the best car for single Pinoy or Pinay? The tendency after getting married is getting a practical family car that can accomodate the baby, baby gear, the in-laws and if you're lucky the yaya.


  • Coupe 2-door or a convertible.
  • yup convi :)
  • slamm
    slamm runnin on empty
    It still depends on preferences and habits.

    - If you're a city type of person then a nice two door coupe would work well (Silvia! M3!).

    - If you're a beach and out-of-town type then a 4x4 pickup or mini SUV will fit. :)
  • shun_sakurai
    shun_sakurai when in doubt, FLAT OUT!
    Single-Pinoy/Pinay cars?

    For the sporty type:
    Toyota MR2 (AW11). I've seen a number of these 1985-89 2-doors running around. You won't miss them. They're short, cute and look like miniature Ferraris of the same era.

    For the active person:
    1997 Toyota RAV4 3-door. I was fortunate enough to have this as my dad's car, with a manual tranny too. Very versatile, as long as you don't have back passengers on long trips. Good acceleration and excellent maneuverability.

    For the first-time driver:
    1997-2003 Honda City (SX8). Peppy engine, light body, room for 4 or 5 if needed, good fuel economy and a cinch to park. Need I say more?

    For (ahem) rich kids:
    BMW Z4 roadster or 2004 Mercedes-Benz SLK. Fancy roofs (the Benz has the trademark folding metal roof), seating for two, good power and TREMENDOUS POSER VALUE.
  • Mokkori
    Mokkori Moderator
    I'd personally go with the Evolutions or the Imprezas... best compromise between the two... perfect for getting your rocks off during Saturdays and still practical enough to take the missus and the kids to the grocery on Sundays! :D
  • ichi
    ichi Ichi the Great
    smart roadster... low gas consumption and the cutest looking 2 seater... hehehe
  • GreatBop
    GreatBop Beerhand Gets Big Pots
    nah... if i had 35k usd on me right now, i'd go get an s2000..

    or a Acura TL.
  • Originally posted by GreatBop
    nah... if i had 35k usd on me right now, i'd go get an s2000..

    or a Acura TL.

    hehehe.. Mazda RX8 for me!

    Acura TL looks handsome though! Really nice!
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