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care to List you TOP 25 HORROR MOVIES?

Not in order

1. The Grudge 1 (Theatrical Version)
2. The Exorcist 1 to 3
3. Ringu 1 to 2
4. The Sixth Sense
5. Stanley Kubrick's Version of THE SHINING!!!
6.The Omen 1 to 3
7. Rosemary's Baby
8. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (both versions)
9. Stephen King's It
10. The Evil Dead
11. Session 9 - go research about this :)
12. Inner Senses - Scene where the girls smiles or waves
13. Blair Witch Project and 2nd Movie
14. The Ninth Gate
15. The Amytiville Series - OLD SCHOOL!!
16. Carrie - OLD SCHOOL!!
17. Salem's Lot - OLD SCHOOL!!
18. The Lost Boys - Kiefer Sutherland at its best!!!
19. Flatliners - Kiefer Sutherland at its best!!!
20. Stir of Echoes
21. Poltergeist 1 to 3
22. What Lies Beneath
23. The Eye 1 and Only This!!! not 2!!
24. Pet Semetary 1 and 2
25. Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead

What's your Favorites?

As you can see personally, im not into slasher films, i'm into supernatural, gothic, and Old School Horror!!!


  • CyberShiva
    CyberShiva seraphic deity
    What Lies Beneath?!? As in Harrison Ford, Amber Valletta, & Michelle Pfeiffer... I've seen dis movie & it's really scary but I don't expect dis movie to be on the list....
  • Top 10, In order:

    1. The Sixth Sense - Simply the classiest, scariest, most touching horror movie of all time.
    2. The Thing - Long before funny-looking CGI "horror" effects made us laugh, there was the really gruesome latex and goo effects, and this movie was KING.
    3. Cube - An incredibly original horror movie about 6 people stuck in a series of adjacent rooms ("cubes") filled with deathtraps.
    4. The Lost Island - H.P. Lovecraft's tale of two people who stumble on a small town in an uncharted island. Guaranteed whatever you guess is going to happen in this movie, IT WILL NOT HAPPEN.
    5. Hellraiser Series - S&M horror at it's most delicious.
    6. Alien - Despite the sci-fi theme, the dead air of space made for a perfect setting for this true horror movie.
    7. In the Mouth of Madness - John Carpenter's take on Lovecraftian horror, great creature design!
    8. Salem's Lot - Vampires without the glamour, and at their chaotic worst.
    9. The Ring - Hollywood version, with a story that actually made sense.
    10. Waxworks - Story about a wax museum of monsters that come to life, including the most f*ing horrible werewolf you'll ever see.
  • THE SHINING is the scariest I've ever seen.

    I'm shocked it didn't get an Oscar nomination.
  • ayamanika
    ayamanika happy go lucky
    For me Ring (Japanese version) is the most horrific film ever...
    after watching the film, i can't help but to compare other horror movies (especially asian movie)with this one. Still, RIng is the best out there.
  • dpax
    dpax Member
    my choices

    1. dawn of the dead
    2. poltergeist
    3. 6th sense
    4. night of the living dead
    5. texas chainsaw massacre
    6. scream
    7. the grudge
    8. the ring 1 and 2
    9. the eye
    10. dark water
    11. shake, rattle and roll 1
    12. the haunted
    13. exorcist 1, 2 and 3
    14. amityville horror
  • R3'91
    R3'91 lurker extraordinaire
    As a kid I was freaked out by:
    Evil Dead
    Shake, Rattle and Roll II (Aswang episode with Herbert Bautista)
    The Fog

    Recently, it has only been Sixth Sense so far.
  • my top horror movies:

    the RING
    and POLTERGEIST 1 (watching the documentary probably made it worse)
  • sadirmata
    sadirmata saluyot freak
    i'll add ACACIA
  • sadirmata
    sadirmata saluyot freak
    hitchcocks's PSYCHO, anyone?
  • Psycho is good too...being the 1st Slasher Film during its time.......

    i recently bought some nice cheap orig vcds at Astrovision....Guess what? THEY HAVE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2 (1988)sa VIDEO CITY!!!!

    i bought these

    1. Tales from the Darkside
    2. Creepshow

    i'm looking for Salem's Lot la ako mahanap e....may nakita na kayo nito?
  • here mine:

    1. EXORCIST-eto talaga ang the BEST..
    2. Tales From the Darkside- all volumes
    3. Sleepwalker
    4. The Others- unique
    5. Grandma's House
    6. HOuse in the Attic
    7. Darkness Falls
  • smocks
    smocks HanNah's MoM
    ung salem's lot meron sa video city! dun namin sya na-rent, very scary talaga esp. ung window scene nung bata na naging vampire, magmula non nung maliit ako takot na takot akong tumingin sa bintana namin kc baka may makita akong vampire!!!

    anw here are my lists:
    1. the others
    2. the exorcist(part one only, the rest sucks!)
    3. salem's lot
    4. poltergeist
    5.the sixth sense
    6. rosemary's baby
    7. psycho
    8. the ring
    9. blairwitch project
    10. pet semetary
    11. what lies beneath
    12. dawn of the dead
    13. halloween
    14. friday the thirteenth
    15. nightmare on elm street
    16. night of the living dead
    17. 13th ghosts
    18. wrong turn
    19. texas chainsaw massacre(new version)
  • Have you seen these great movies somewhere? videoshop rentals or video stores? la ako mahanap e....although minsan may mga classics na sumusulpot sa greenhills tiangge

    1. Ghost Story
    2. The Haunting
    3. The Legend Of Hell House
    4. Jacob's Ladder
    5. Children of the Corn (1984)
    6. Christine
    7. Cujo
    8. Thinner (1996) *******************
    9. Sometimes They Come Back (1991)
    10. Candyman (1992)
    11. Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh (1995)
    12. Candyman 3: Day of the Dead (1999)
    13. Last House on the Left
    14. The Hills Have Eyes
    15. Serpent and the Rainbow
  • the faculty

    the changeling

    sleepy hollow



    from dusk till dawn

    jeepers creepers


    resident evil
  • 1. psycho
    2. rosemary's baby - sheesh... now. this is SCARY.
    3. the grudge 1 & 2
  • the sixth sense
    the ring
  • baalzebub
    baalzebub lurker no more
    the others
    sixth sense
    28 days later
  • siyado
    siyado alisha's soldier
    evil toons
  • My top 10, not in order:

    1. whispering corridors 2: memento mori (korea)
    2. the others
    3. the sixth sense
    4. the grudge (japan)
    5. the ring (japan)
    6. the eye (hk)
    7. the phone (korea)
    8. the shining
    9. pet sematary
    10. 13 ghosts
  • anong lokal movie yung may PILING ? Natatakot ako dun nung bata ako.
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