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how to reject somebody w/o hurting his/her feelings?

how do u say it w/o hurting the person?


  • if u reject a person, even if u do it in a very subtle and sensitive way, ma huhurt pa rin yun. kaya be honest na lang, say " i don't like you eh." hehe! joke lang! basta yun be honest, honesty is the best!
  • bastebaste PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    there is no easy way!
  • aimenaimen PExer
    sabihin mo na lng na "sori kasi di ko nafefeel syo yng nafefeel mo sa akin!" hehe! pranka ba?! anyway, jst explain everything and choose words that are not really brutal to hurt him so much! kahit anong gawin mo masasaktan pa rin yun! but cguro ipakita mo rin sa kanya na u appreciated everything, thank him and then say dat wla tlgang nangyayari sa feelings mo! or di ka tlga nadedevelop! cguro in dat way di sobrang masakit! anyways, cno ba yun?! bago na naman ba?! jke! hehe!
  • Pa'no ko sasabihin sa 3 yr old boyfriend ko na may mahal na akong iba? Cge nga in a nice way na hindi sya ma hu hurt...
  • PAOUEEPAOUEE PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    sa palagay ko nga ther's no ther way for you to reject sumbody na hindi mo sha na-h-hurt. kahit ano pa cgurong karinyo ang sbihin mo, masakit pa rin un!!! tao tayong lahat di ba? dadating din sa point na the person u've rejected will understand why you made such decision to confront...

    aimen, maganda nga style ni lawrence sa pag-reject,,, simple!!!
  • [L]es[L]es PExer
    dali lang yun.. just go say " **** OFF *****" tapos yung pahabol mo, joke lang. gusto mo friends na lang tayo ? :cool:
  • rorsrors PExer
    you will always the hurt the other person, no matter how hard you try not to. there's also no easy way to it. the best perhaps is to tell it soon to start the healing sooner. and don't just say no. kindly explain, even briefly, why you said no. i guess with reason, the hurting will be easier to handle.
  • BadGiRLBadGiRL PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    taguan mo.
  • OtchOOtchO PExer
    well as the song says,"there is no easy way to break somebody's heart...",

    i think if you really don't feel the same anymore for somebody you say it agad kasi if you continue the relationship mas masakit :(
    at least, if break her heart today, tomorrow it going to start to heal na, diba!

  • if you can't tell it to the person directly since it really won't be easy then just drop hints na lang...for sure he's not insensitive naman... don't entertain his calls or make him feel that you're not interested but don't be rude. ;)
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