pls help!

my friend who had sex with a prostitute got it...

actually, he didnt go to a doctor but instead research in the net the symptoms of these two STDs and it matched...

at first he took one week of amoxicillin... but he has fever and has doubts so he asked me to check with the doctor that i know, the doctor prescribed, azithromycin (1 gm/ 1 dose) then Bactrim for 10 days... he was ok for 3 days but he felt there's still "itchiness" on his organ so he took again one dose of azithromycin...

right now, he said he's ok but he has fever for several days already... what could be the cause of it? is the fever caused by the antibiotic?

he is afraid/ashamed to go to a doctor


  • eyedoceyedoc Member PExer
    Naku, tell him not to be ashamed of going to a doctor. We're so used to those things na and we're (most of us anyway) are professional enough not to make moral judgements.

    The antibiotic would not cause the fever, but an infection might. Chlamydia or gonorrhea don't typically manifest with fever, though. I think it would still be best for your friend to see a doctor for his various problems.

    For STD's, we usually need to check the organ, and do laboratory analysis of secretions in order to know what the causative organism is in order that we may treat it accordingly.
  • fartmanfartfartmanfart Member PExer
    doc pag may cocobacilli ba, std na ba yon? san galing yon?
  • spanish^guitarspanish^guitar vul dom*at PExer
    doc, can u recommend a doctor downtown manila who is specializes with STD? male po sana... how much na ba ang check-up plus the laboratory fee?
  • fartmanfartfartmanfart Member PExer
  • eyedoceyedoc Member PExer
    Look for a urologist nalang. Not sure though who's practicing in downtown Manila. But you can try Dr. Clayton Blas in Manila Doctors Hospital. Re: fees, really depends on the doctor and the lab, but it should be in the P2000 ball park, all in all.
  • spanish^guitarspanish^guitar vul dom*at PExer
    hey... he's ok... he took urine test plus the blood test for syphilis and its negative...

    maybe its more of the too much antibiotics he took... he's ok now, he drinks lots of water plus buko juice to cleanse his body!
  • fartmanfartfartmanfart Member PExer
    doc pag may cocobacilli ba, std na ba yon? san galing yon?
  • eyedoceyedoc Member PExer
    Coccobacilli is just a description of the bacteria on gram stain. Is it gram positive or gram negative?
  • fartmanfartfartmanfart Member PExer
    not sure doc kung positive o negative e.

    1. pag nag take ba yung frnd ko ng vd test lalabas na may cocobacilli sya? (nagamot na daw ng antibiotic, 1 week. now wala na. daw) paano malalaman kung wala na nga talaga?

    2. san nakukuha yon?

    3. forever na ba yon? kumbaga pag nagkaron ka na, posible bumalik or madedetect na nagkaron ka na non?

    tnx doc!
  • eyedoceyedoc Member PExer
    Has your friend ever consulted a doctor? Or nagself-medicate lang?

    1. What do you mean by VD test? There are many out there.
    2. If it's an STD, it's obviously sexually transmitted.
    3. It depends on what the exact disease is.

    You can't lump VD or STD as one whole disease entity because it is not. There are several diseases under this, all having different treatments, different symptoms and different diagnosis techniques. Testing positive for one doesn't mean you're positive for all, testing negative for one doesn't mean you're negative for all.

    As I've repeatedly said, it's still best to see a doctor for conditions like these.

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