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Survivor Sex Tape

Sex tape of 'Survivor: All-Stars' Jenna Lewis surfaces on the Internet

By Steve Rogers, 06/18/2004

Survivor All-Stars contestant Jenna Lewis might not be a Hollywood pop star, but clearly someone forgot to point that minor detail out to her.

Jenna's growing pattern of unconventional behavior took another turn toward the bizarre this week when she seemingly took her place along side such famous Hollywood bad girls such as Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson after an apparent sex tape of her and new husband Travis Wolfe suddenly appeared for purchase on the Internet. The 42-minute video claims to feature Jenna and Travis during their wedding night, which came after the 26-year-old mother of 7-year-old twins took off to Las Vegas to elope with the 21-year-old male model which she had known for only six weeks.

The marriage, which happened during the May 1 weekend prior to the Survivor All-Stars finale and was briefly mentioned during the reunion show broadcast, is reported to have come as a shock to both families. More than a week after the wedding, Travis' mother told The Tulsa World that the family had still not met her new daughter-in-law.

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How the video leaked into the Internet, where an online site is charging $40 for a 10 day access pass to the full 42-minute footage, is unclear, however a quick check of the site's domain registration information shows that the domain was registered on May 3, 2004 (the Monday following the couple's wedding) -- a fact that when combined with the couple's run to the altar, has sparked speculation that either Jenna or Travis themselves might have had a role in its distribution.

Although apparently hesitant to comment on the video, Jenna and Travis reportedly deny any involvement with the distribution of the footage. The June 28 edition of US Weekly reports that the ordeal has been "a strain on the new marriage" and that the couple's lawyers are seeking to block the tape's distribution.

Paris Hilton... Pamela Anderson... Jenna Lewis... which one of these names seems unlike the others?

**** I've seen bits of the video through Kazaa and it is true! The video is amateurish but it was really hot.... Still trying to download the whole movie and get it while its still there!


  • ayamanika
    ayamanika happy go lucky
    Jenna Lewis... she's not even that sexy nor pretty....
  • baalzebub
    baalzebub lurker no more
    Originally posted by ayamanika
    Jenna Lewis... she's not even that sexy nor pretty....

    man, she is a performer! you have to see it for yourelf ... she is not bad at all yet i'm still annoyed by her obnxious behavior

    i wish it were boston rob & amber or ethan & jenna moresca
  • all she does was talk in that sex tape.
  • mintymalone
    mintymalone The dynamite
    talk about sleazy
  • Jo14
    Jo14 Member
    kala ko naman si jenna morasca
  • Originally posted by Jo14
    kala ko naman si jenna morasca

    mas okay sana no? :D lalo na kung with ETHAN...he he
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