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ATTN: Dimsum n Dumplins Owner

To the DnD Owner or Franchise owners,

You should PAY A LOT OF ATTENTION to the quality of your food and the ads you show.

Sometime ago, i ordered from one of your kiosks BolaBola siopao which is my favorite. it was the first time i bought from ur establishment and my expectations were high since your name suggests that dimsum is your specialty. i was SOOO DISAPPOINTED. I've already bitten off almost half of the bun and I can't find the meat filling. Then i discovered that the meat filling is the size of a pingpong ball and it's really at the center of the bun. How can u expect consumers to switch to your product if your definition of siopao is just a bun with a small, almost nonexistent filling in it?

STRIKE 2 & 3

2 mos ago, my boss, his balikbayan wife and I ordered from your branch along NLEX congee and a platter-sampler of siomai. My boss' wife was the one who ordered congee because she saw the appetizing picture of the congee by the counter. when her order finally came, it was just goo. When i ordered siomai one piece was already spoiled.( it tasted as if it was left outside the freezer overnight. I almost threw up from the taste.



  • I'm a big fan of siomai and I had the misfortune of buying once from DnD. They weren't spoiled but they tasted stale as if they'd been reheated more than a dozen times. I never bought from them again. Nowadays I only go to Chowking and Henlin whenever I crave for siomai.
  • annieliseannielise PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Too bad. Before I left the Philippines their siomai was to-die-for. I guess they didn't have any quality control. It was downhill from there.
  • moonshinemoonshine PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    dimsum and dumplings has gone from bad to worse. they started out okay pa. huling bili ko 2-3 months ago, puro extenders na at parang tadtad sa vetsin. paliit rin ng paliit yung sizes. after the last time, di na ako uulit kumain dun kahit ilibre pa ako.
  • I had never gone back since I tried them out the very first day they opened way back in 1994. I called it the worst day of my life. The owners were there on that day and were apologetic. My best friend tried it sometime later and said the same thing--the worst day of his life. It's been ten years and I wonder how they managed to survive.
  • sa paotsin nalang kayo! hahahaa

    tanongin mo nalang muna sa employee kung alam nila ang last in last out hehehehe
  • kakatakot naman ng description nyo thanks for this thread now I know I don't need to eat out at DnD
  • It's good to know that i am not alone in experiencing the horrors of DnD. maybe the reason why it lasted this long is that many pinoys are just taking dumplings for granted. Whoever out there is connected to Dnd, better let the owners read this thread. Your days are numbered.
  • mag henlin na ang tayooooo
  • K.I.L.L.K.I.L.L. PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    i haven't eaten at DnD for a long time. i nver liked the taste of their dimsum in the first place. their other restaurant chain, struan and tang's just closed their last branch in shangri-la.
  • food is so-so
    masarap ung chili garlic oil nila (nag-condiment nlang daw)
    too bad, i guess they stopped producing em :(
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