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Last month I found a lump on my right breast and was told that it is more likely just a Fibroadenoma. Doc said that although I have a family history of breast cancer, it is not necessary to surgically remove my lump.

Is it s.o.p. not to remove Fibroadenomas? Thanks.


  • It may be removed, but it is not necessary. However, to be on the safe side, it's better to have a biopsy (even a fine needle aspiration biopsy) done to confirm the non-presence of cancerous cells.

    In most cases you will not need any treatment or follow-up once a diagnosis has been confirmed. You will generally only be asked to return to your doctor if the lump gets bigger or becomes painful. But the doctor may also opt to observe the lump, in which case you will be asked to return at set intervals.

    In some circumstances a fibroadenoma may be removed, for example if it is larger than 3cm or if you are particularly anxious about leaving it.
  • Thanks eyedoc :)
  • You're welcome.
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