Geoff Eigenmann

JohnstonJohnston Thank You For The Love PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
He's Heart Evangelista's newest loveteam in the upcoming ABS-CBN teleserye, "Hiram"


  • BPG_2000BPG_2000 Banned by Admin PExer
    hmmm.. ok syang commercial model. let's wait and see if this guy can really act.
    magmana kaya sa mga magulang? ;)
  • AudioburnAudioburn Banned by Admin PExer
    siya ba tong dating nasa Kirara? Yung mataba na guy? kasi parang siya eh. And he looks much better now
  • hersheys85hersheys85 Passion 4 JESUS PExer
    He's CUTE! :*)

    and mukhang bagay naman sila ni Heart!
  • letskieletskie Posible! PExer

  • unmee17unmee17 Member PExer
    yup, siya yung guy sa kirara. cute siya. i think i like the eigenmanns, kasi si aj na bro niya like ko rin eh. :D

    kailan ba umpisa ng hiram? i think i'll watch this.
  • fuchiyayafuchiyaya betchabygollywow PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    yeah, i agree. he's cute. :)
  • leikela_joyleikela_joy fANNEatic PExer
  • ClaudineTilDEndClaudineTilDEnd Claudine 4life! PExer
    he is cute....
  • Mr. YumMr. Yum Member PExer
    bagay na bagay sila ni Heart... kakakilig naman. hehe...
  • JohnstonJohnston Thank You For The Love PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    mataba siya.
  • BPG_2000BPG_2000 Banned by Admin PExer
    medyo nga. :) juicy! yummy.
  • xysherxysher goin and goin... PExer
    he should shed a few pounds.. and hell look better.. in the BUZZ last sunday he didnt seem to be that fat..

    he has talent i suppose. after all he has a good family background in showbusiness.

    btw, what will happen to john prats?.. loveteam na nya yung sa IMBY?
  • litelite jellybeaniebaby PExer
    I like him, he looks really handsome.
  • GeneralGrangerGeneralGranger Brutal Enemy PExer
    sikat lang dahil sikat ang angkan.
    Guwapo dn.
  • CKCK ni Dong ko :) PExer
    he's handsome...lalo na in totoo lng pumayat na kya cya...haha!

    btw, di ba it's geoff? as in geoffrey eigenmann...


  • sassy_sissysassy_sissy hopeful. PExer
    bgay cla ni heart!!
  • BPG_2000BPG_2000 Banned by Admin PExer
    kahit hindi s'ya galing sa angkan ng Eigenmann, at ganyan ang looks nia. sisikat pa rin s'ya.

    yummy! :)
  • Isa918Isa918 Sooobra Graaabe PExer
    how old is he?
  • jeany_meeh10jeany_meeh10 Member PExer
    he's sooo cute!!!
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