does xenadrine or diet p-ills cause breakouts?

I'm planning to take Xenadrine or Hydroxycut or some other diet supplement for weight loss but I'm worried it might cause pimples. Have you taken diet pills that gave you bad skin?


  • junjani23junjani23 junjani23 PExer

    take it from me...

    nag take ako ng xenadrin like for 2 months and wala naman effect sa skin ko..parang nag glow pa nga eh...

    bilis ko pumayat dun basta sabayan mo ng xcercise...

    wag na hydroxycut kasi d effective daw sabi nila...

    kaka stop ko lang mag take ng xenadrin mga 3 days ago na kasi ok na ako sa katawan ko.
  • bluejeanbabybluejeanbaby Member PExer
    thanks so much for your reply junjani. Where did you buy Xenadrine? How much did it cost? How many did you take a day? Which type did you take, the one with ephedra o yung wala? Daming tanong no.
  • bishopbishop amdg PExer
    ^the one laced with ephedra will be more effective but riskier though.

    i used to take that one before, but that was a couple of years ago. before all this hoopla about ephedrine burst out into the open.
  • eyedoceyedoc Member PExer
    Pimples would be the least of your problems with diet pills.
  • karol114karol114 Member PExer
    word of caution lang...i think ephedra has ephedrine and if i am not mistaken ephedrine is banned here diba? tama ba eyedoc? yan ang sabi ng pharmacology teacher ko eh. kasi i think may side effects ata yan like arrhythmia ata...
  • junjani23junjani23 junjani23 PExer
    bluejean...d2 ako bumuli sa states and2 kasi internet..$20.00 lang bili ko..once a day lang take ko...Ban na yung xenadrin RFA-1 yung me ma-huang or yung bago nabili ko...

    ok sha...bilis ko pumayat!
  • sp!t_k!ckersp!t_k!cker PExer
    yun friend ko, regular sa gym + xenadrine in 3months = 35lbs ang nawala. wala naman kasi sinabi sa hydroxycut or xenadrine na papayat ka without exercise. read the label kasi, dapat nga with diet and exercise eh, SUPPLEMENT lang yun kung baga dagadag tulong lang... hindi magic yan... kasi kung madali lang pumayat eh di sana lahat payat na... ako i recommend you to use those pero check mo muna medical history mo.

    Deleted contact info.-moderator
  • bluejeanbabybluejeanbaby Member PExer
    sp!t_k!cker , which xenadrine are you referring to, the one with ephedra or the one without ephedra?
  • kiddoempoykiddoempoy Member PExer
    san b available ung xenadrine d2 sa pinas??? how much?
  • ROXYROXY Hangry PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    @ GNC ... i think it's around 3k...
  • sp!t_k!ckersp!t_k!cker PExer
    Ad deleted. You've been warned before.--moderator
  • sp!t_k!ckersp!t_k!cker PExer
    bluejeanbaby, roxy, kiddoempoy... I PMd you guys

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