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which came first,society or language?

sweet_ryansweet_ryan Member PEx Guru 🎖️🎖️
sino kaya sa kanila ang nauna?hhmmm


  • rezan00rezan00 Member PExer
    For me society came first. animals have some form of society.

    There's this theory from the movie "Waking Life" that says that men only invented words because we wanted to express intangible things like hate, love, fear, feelings. Any action we do cannot convey the message we want.

    But if you go Biblical its still society, the fist society (The Trinity) came about before God created Man. If you ask "But didnt God spoke and therefore has language?" For me, God is eternal so a part of him cannot precede another part. He just came to be. But that's just me.
  • lostcrayonlostcrayon where is my box? PExer
    Hhmmm...if I had to guess I would say language; because to me society means organization, laws, structure. Probably in the beginning they had to figure out a way to communicate with each other first.... *scratches head...ano kaya*
  • donnerwetterdonnerwetter Wunderbar! PExer
    i'd go for language.

    actually, language is inseparable from thought (there is no other way to think), or at least gadamer would argue that. thought ang language are but 2 sides of the same coin: knowing.

    of course, by language, this isn't just the oral or written part of it.
  • Lucca YamazakiLucca Yamazaki die boy abunda die! PExer
    Are you talking about human language or animal "language" (you know, mating calls and stuff)?

    If it's the latter, then language would be the one to have come first.
  • mac_bolan00mac_bolan00 Banned by Admin PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    there were sentient societies before homo sapiens. the neanderthals clearly banded together (permanently if possible). their head bones indicated at best a rudmentary spoken language. of course, speech is not the only medium for a language.
  • ShinobiShinobi Life is such a beautiful! PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Hmmm... sa tingin ko mas nauna ang body language :grinroll:
  • BartoloxBartolox I AM WHO AM PExer
    According to an Infallible Book called the Bible, "society" came first. So if it is in the Bible, it must be true. There are some abberations though. It also says donkeys have the gift of human language and stones can sing. Although I have not seen a "society" of talking donkeys and singing stones, I'm open to that possibility because the Bible says so. And again, if it is in that Holy Book, it has to be true.
  • tyanak_metyanak_me Banned By Admin PExer
    *looks up*
    Keep talking like that and in about 20 years, you might amount to something. :lol:
  • p.i.joep.i.joe Member PExer
    if society did not come first then who in hell could have invented the language?
  • freakster2k1freakster2k1 Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    God? hehe
  • BartoloxBartolox I AM WHO AM PExer
    Originally posted by tyanak_me
    *looks up*
    Keep talking like that and in about 20 years, you might amount to something. :lol:
    I'll call you on that. Why 20? Why not 10? why not 1? What's significant about 20?
  • rychurychu nagmemeron pa rin PExer
    I think language. Language is merely a medium for communication. And to form societies, you have to communicate.
  • p.i.joep.i.joe Member PExer
    Exactly, it's that "need to communicate" within a society that gave rise to the invention of language. Remember the principle of "cause and effect". If language came first you have to ask yourselves why? And the answer to that always points to one definite conclusion. That at least in the beginning two person were faced with the dilemma of trying to understand each other and eventually figured out a certain form of communication we now know as language.
  • synchondrosissynchondrosis superproxy PExer
    Originally posted by Bartolox
    And again, if it is in that Holy Book, it has to be true.

    :confused: Contradictions and all? :confused:

    Society came first. Biologically speaking, early modern humans did not have the "equipment" to be able to talk.

    Even if we were pertaining to language as the "communication of thoughts and feelings through a system of arbitrary signals, such as voice sounds, gestures, or written symbols (", if we think about it, it's still two-way, you'd need other people to receive your message, interpret it, and reply, and that's where society comes in.
  • tinskietinskie Member PExer
    i'd have to say that language came first...

    without language, how will a society be formed. of course, you will need something that you could start on - communication.
  • ayamanikaayamanika happy go lucky PExer
    i think society produces language to be able to communicate.
  • heiderheider Member PExer
    For me, it is language that came first.

    It's because a society could not be formed without having someone who could have initiated a mode of expressing someone's feelings. Therefore, there was that someone who first used a certain language and in the course of interacting with fellow humans, those who have been using the same language or the same mode that was initiated by that someone, then, a certain society was formed. It's because those who are not in conformity with that mode or who have their own modes of expressing their sentiments, would eventually, form a society of their own.

    Can you just imagine why people who are using the same language considered to be part of one society? It's because of one common factor- language which is one of the prerequisites in identifying the norms and customs that comprise a particular society.
  • guzmonsterguzmonster Animo La Salle! PExer
    are language and society mutually exclusive?
  • ynonynon PExer
    ask this question first: can there be a society without a language?

    if the answer is yes, then society comes first because it would just develop a language.

    if the answer is no, then language comes first because people sharing a similar language (one component or element of a society, culture) will tend to form a group or organization, thereby creating a society.
  • IscharamoochieIscharamoochie Moderator PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    a society is formed when individuals are able to establish a collective entity which represents the relations of each member with other members. since this collective relies solely on the interaction and interrelation of its members, it cannot exist without some form of communication used by individuals to influence each other. this form of communication, be it verbal or not, is what we would call language.

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