Does protein supplements cause acne?

Does whey or soy protein supplements (in powder form) causes acne? Coz when I started taking whey protein powder I had breakouts on my face? Any dermatologist here to help? Thanks


  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    Protein per se will not worsen acne, but additives in your supplement may. You may want to shift to a protein supplement with no flavor to lessen the additive content and see how it works for you.
  • MangDyakMangDyak Member PExer
    Alright, thanks Ira. Can you name some additives that I should avoid? I mean when I look in the contents/ingredients what stuff should I avoid
  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    Here's a website listing the common additives associated with acne. See what your supplement has.
  • MangDyakMangDyak Member PExer
    Thanks Ira. LAst question, I dont get the Comedogenicity and Irritancy,

    For example, the first 1 in the list is acetone, COM is 0 and IRR is 5. What does it mean? It does not cause acne but it causes irritation? It doesnt make sense to me.
  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    Comedogenic means it blocks pores, causing acne. Irritation means inflammation. Some of the items on the list are topical ingredients--meaning, you don't ingest it, rather, you put it on your face.
  • MangDyakMangDyak Member PExer
    Thanks again Ira. Just last last question. I am confused and I want to really get the info.

    Using acetone again as example,
    COM is 0
    IRR is 5


    COM is 0- It doesnt cause acne

    IRR is 5- It causes inflammation but doesnt cause pimples? Isnt that a thing that causes irritation also causes acne?
  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    Nope. Both concepts are not related.
  • pinay24pinay24 Member PExer
    Originally posted by MangDyak
    Does whey or soy protein supplements (in powder form) causes acne? Coz when I started taking whey protein powder I had breakouts on my face? Any dermatologist here to help? Thanks

    4) Is powder protein bad?

    The worst you can do for your skin.
    These are ALWAYS 'dirty' protein concentrates.
    If you MUST have a protein supplement, take liquid free amino acids only, these are the ONLY clean ones. (no powder-'free' amino acids!!!)
    I have read that Soy protein contains a lot of amino acids. If you MUST have supplementary protein, you should take liquid free amino acids. And Soy may weaken Immune system?

    Regarding acne, what is the max amount of dietary protein?

    21) What is the maximum amount of absorbable protein the body uses for muscle building before it says enough is enough. Can you have too much protein on this diet?

    That also depends on your need, AND it is individually different (besides the need)
    Yes you can have too much protein in this diet.
    The protein absorbed should be according to the need for it.
    It is best to consume the highest quality protein only, because that can be processed most efficiently and easily. That is why raw is always better than cooked. (cooking damages part of the protein)

    You can have too much protein because blood-protein levels can very greatly: from 100% (alanine) up to 900% cysteine) !!!
    This means that even clean protein can make you retain more water in the true skin, pinching off sebum canals. So you need to do experimenting to find out what your protein requirements are, given a certain level of exercise.
    Once your skin is totally clean, you should increase raw protein consumption and see where your skin starts to become irregular / raw; that is where you consume too much clean protein.

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