Other forms of Contraceptives

Question Doc though Im not sure if there's already a topic about this:

Are there any other form of contraceptive which is as effective as the birthcontrol pill? Ive heard of norplant I think thats what they call them. Im not sure how much it cost. Ive also heard of other injection methods that would prevent pregnancy but I dont know how much they cost too...I just want to be informed if you have some ideas which Im sure you do.....thanks Doc and if there's already a topic about this pls direct me to it..thanks again :)


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    Where do you live? Some places may not have as much variety as, say, in the US.

    Other forms of contraceptives, except for condoms, are as effective, if not more, than the pill. Both injection method and Norplant (where you insert this "tube" in your arm) are long-term contraceptions which release hormones. The injection method typically lasts around 4 months, while Norplant lasts for years. The downside is that you may not be able to get pregnant as easily once you decide to stop the two methods--it takes a while before the hormonal effects fade and you're back to baseline level. They are both affordable, and ultimately may even be cheaper compared to daily pill intake.
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    but are they also good for fighting PCOS?

    thanks, doc!
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    You can't use them for PCOS. They are progesterone-only contraceptives. PCOS needs estrogen too.
  • pinay24pinay24 Member PExer
    Mas mahal nga ang OralContraceptive/ Pill:
    Female Contraceptives:

    1.Oral/Pill--Daily Birth control(e.g. ortho-cyclen)
    2.Skin patches----weekly BC(ortho evra)
    4.Implants---(e.g.Norplant)-effective, does not protect against STD
    5.Injection--(e.g.Depo-Provera)-effective, does not protect against STD, injected every 3 mos. First time user( cost $65-$150 includes medical exam & a shot) $35-$65 after
    6. diaphragm and the cap
    7.Sponge----Between $10-$15 for 3 or 4 sponge( 1 sponge good for 12-24 hrs )-costly
    8.female condoms- 2-3 pieces for $5-$9 ata ngayon
    9.Foam( VCF-vaginal contraceptive foams)
    10.Nuva ring-1 month($50-$75 each ring)
    Originally posted by aina_crazy_girl
    but are they also good for fighting PCOS?

    THis might help:

    Women who have PCOS may have the following problems:
    1) infertility due to lack of ovulation,
    2) excessive or male pattern hair growth (hirsutism) due to imbalance between E and T,
    3) irregular menstrual cycles and heavy bleeding (cycles which are either less than 21 days or more than 35 days apart) due to lack of ovulation, and
    4) obesity. Most women will present with the problems of abnormal bleeding, hirsutism, infertility or less commonly with obesity. Some women with PCOS may have a higher than normal miscarriage rate if they become pregnant.

    If a woman presents with irregular heavy bleeding, the oral contraceptive pill (OCP) is the treatment of choice, both to regulate the cycle and to prevent over growth of the endometrium (lining of the womb). P can also be given to replace what is not being produced monthly. If hirsutism is the problem it can be treated using the OCP as well as with drugs that act against T. If these drugs are used it is most important that the woman use a reliable form of contraception as they may cause genital abnormalities in a male baby if the woman becomes pregnant.

    If infertility is the problem then clomiphene citrate (CC) (Clomid or Serophene) given orally for 5 days early in the menstrual cycle may induce ovulation. Ovulation can be induced in 80% of women using CC and pregnancy rates approach those seen in the normal population (20-25% per month) provided that there are no other factors affecting fertility. The commonest side-effect with CC is hot flushes. The multiple pregnancy rate with CC is 5% and the majority of these multiple pregnancies are twin pregnancies.

    An operation called ovarian drilling, performed at laparoscopy, can also be used to treat women with PCOS.
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    Okay well hmm yeah I live in the U.S but Im planning to get married soon this year. The reason why I ask is because I dont want to have any kids anytime soon as to enjoy the company of my husband. Anyway.. yeah I was wondering if Depo-Provera and or patches are common there already... and how much would they cost... :) :*) :)
  • IraIra Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    If you have PCOS, chances are you won't get pregnant anyway even if you don't take any form of contraceptive, but in your case, oral contraceptives would be best because not only will it prevent pregnancy, it will also be a form of treatment for your PCOS--it's killing 2 birds with one stone. You need estrogen to protect yourself from the health risks associated with PCOS.
  • pinay24pinay24 Member PExer
    Depo-Provera----First time user( cost $65-$150 includes medical exam & a shot) $35-$65 after

    Skin patches----(ortho evra) $40-$75 for 3 or a month supply-depende sa supplier
  • ilove323ilove323 Member PExer
    What is PCOS?:confused:
  • pinay24pinay24 Member PExer
    Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder that affects an estimated seven percent of all women. It is the most common hormonal disorder among women. According to experts, the actual number of women affected by PCOS may be as high as one out of ten simply because so many cases remain undiagnosed. Why are so many cases of polycystic ovarian syndrome undiagnosed? Because the symptoms can vary from woman to woman it is often difficult to accurately diagnose polycystic ovarian syndrome. Its symptoms are often heartbreaking both emotionally and physically.
    Most women have never even heard of PCOS, yet it causes a wide variety of symptoms that often affect female reproductive health in ways that can be truly devastating. Although PCOS often affects the reproductive system, it's important to understand that it is an endocrine system disorder. Polycystic ovarian syndrome is often the cause significant long-term health consequences making a quick and accurate diagnosis, followed by proper treatment urgent.

    Looh above for symptoms:

    Lipid abnormalities
    If you have two or more of these symptoms you should see a physician, preferrably a reproductive endocrinologist.

    Who gets polycystic ovarian syndrome - PCOS?
    Is there a genetic connection in women who experience polycystic ovary syndrome? Although the susceptibility to PCOS is often inherited the exact cause is unknown. The symptoms of PCOS most often begin with the onset of menstruation, but can begin earlier with the preteen years or can develop at any time during a woman's childbearing years.
    Polycystic ovary syndrome is less common among women as they get older and it's extremely uncommon in post-menopausal women. Unfortunately the consequences, such as diabetes and lipid abnormalities, of PCOS can last long after menopause.


    What is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)?
    The ovaries are the organs that produce the eggs in the female reproductive system. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a syndrome in which the ovaries are enlarged and have several fluid-filled sacs or cysts. These cysts may look like a string of pearls or a pearl necklace. A woman can develop one cyst or many cysts. Polycystic ovaries are usually 1.5 to 3 times larger than normal. Women with PCOS may experience a number of other symptoms as well. PCOS is a leading cause of infertility and is the most common reproductive syndrome in women of childbearing age.
  • ilove323ilove323 Member PExer
    Thanks much for the info :)
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    Hmm..I'm getting confused. I assume you don't have PCOS, ilove323, in which case, progesterone injections and Norplant have been widely available in Manila for lots and lots of years already. Ortho-Evra (aka the contraceptive patch) isn't available in Manila yet.
  • ilove323ilove323 Member PExer
    Originally posted by Ira
    Hmm..I'm getting confused. I assume you don't have PCOS, ilove323, in which case, progesterone injections and Norplant have been widely available in Manila for lots and lots of years already. Ortho-Evra (aka the contraceptive patch) isn't available in Manila yet.

    Hehehe no doc I dont have PCOS as far as Im concerned and from the infos I got about it.. I was just asking of other forms of contraceptives other than pills...kasi nga Im getting married soon and we want to put off having kids for another couple of years or when weve truly enjoyed each other's company.. Im here in the U.S right now and have no idea what are the alternatives there with regards to contraceptives... :) I mean I dont wana have the option of just taking pills I want to review other options that are available there.. :)

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