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King Arthur

Keira's Knightley plays the role of Guinevere. This movie is directed by Antoine Fuqua and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. He did Pirates too and that movie was a blockbuster hit!
King Arthur opens on July 7.

Can't wait.....

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  • kingarthur2.jpg

  • med_trans >>> i'm posting the movie poster again if you don't mind... naka-hotlink kasi kanina kaya di lumabas...

  • arthur1.jpg

    guinevere (kiera knightley) and king arthur (clive owen)


  • keira knightley is really pretty. i think she's perfect for the role. i was really excited about her movie with jude law, tulip fever. but now they're not making it anymore. well there's the sequel of pirates. oh and she's dating this irish model now. jamie dornan or something. med_trans and MaiJade, thanks for the great pics.
  • err.. hope this one wont disappoint..
  • loc0loc0 PExer
    Err.. true story?
  • may billboard nito sa megamall. kala ko nga walang promotion tong movie na to eh.
  • Who's gonna play the Knights Who Say "NI"?
  • ayos to, king arthur ang title pero mukhang si guinevere naman ang bida. hehe. poster pa lang. tapos nungn nakita ko yung trailer puro si keira knightley.
  • Originally posted by loc0
    Err.. true story?

    Hwa hwa! Noticed that too. Finally! The long-lost true story about King Arthur! (as told by the very studied Jerry Bruckheimer)! I'm not sure but there's something about this movie that just screams "cheap!". It's not the cast. Maybe it's the trailer where they have to showcase each character in slo-mo with a name ("Arthur ... Guinevere ... Lancelot ..."), as if to say "Yes, THAT King Arthur ... um, the one in Camelot..." (lowering the status of these legendary characters to Xena levels). Maybe it's the made-for-TV sassy independent-woman-who-can-take-care-of-herself stereotype of Keira Knightley (i'm half-expecting some imitation bullet-time a la Witchblade to rear its ugly head). Maybe it's the way the actors pose like cheeseballs in the poster. Maybe it's the overtrendy armor (see also: First Knight). Ah heck, it's probably all of the above.
  • what happened here?
    why does guinevere have to look like that...

    i do not have any expectations on this movie. mainly because it is not the legend of king arthur that i've read from so many books...
  • pollywogpollywog PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    ...another crappy Troy...
  • Xena, Warrior Queen! Spouse to King Arthur! Object of Lancelot's lance :naughty: and the One whom the knights say "Ni"!

    All bow down to her greatness! Savvy?
  • a film review for king arthur. (rotten tomatoes.com)

    With the global success of 'Lord Of The Rings' and 'Harry Potter' franchises, dusting off the legend of King Arthur for some big screen sword-and-sorcery action sounds like a sure-fire box office winner, especially with Jerry Bruckheimer lording over proceedings. But leave it to the über-producer to try something different. Stripping away the myths of old, King Arthur is being trumpeted as a gritty epic based on what may be the true story behind the legend. According to Keira Knightley - cast as Guinevere - this is more Gladiator than Excalibur.

    She's not kidding either. Directed by Training Day's Antoine Fuqua (who replaced original choice Michael Bay) and scripted by Gladiator co-writer David Franzoni, the film is set in 500 AD against the backdrop of the crumbling Roman Empire. According to Bruckheimer, the Roman connection (Arthurian stories are generally set during the medieval period) stems from a Roman leader by the name of Artorius, who repelled the Saxons with the help of three thousand Russian warriors. Historians believe he's the real Arthur, which is why the film, which casts Clive Owen as the eponymous monarch, portrays Arthur as a half-Roman military commander who rises up to unite the people of Britain after being sent there to protect it from thousands of marauding Saxons.
    With this as the setting, expect plenty of bloody, muddy battle sequences. Shot on location in Ireland, Owen was in training for two months to get his horse-riding and fighting skills up to speed and keen observers of the first trailer will have glimpsed Knightley covered in blue war paint slinging bows and arrows. Surprisingly none of this has had the desired effect of whipping up strong internet buzz. Instead, people have been left scratching their heads wondering if King Arthur is going to be a balls-to-the-wall action fest or a sombre history lesson. Certainly, Bruckheimer harping on about the film's accuracy suggests the latter, but he's also been talking up the gruesomeness of the film's fight scenes, claiming that realism would not be sacrificed for a more family-friendly audience, so action fans should be satisfied.

    The film does have the advantage of an excellent cast (Stellan Skarsgård, Ray Winstone, Ioan Gruffudd among them) headed by two A-listers-in-the-making. Clive Owen (in his first major leading role) undoubtedly has the presence to carry such an epic production. Bruckheimer and Fuqua offered him the part without screen-testing him and if the film works he could find himself propelled into the big league. Keira Knightley, meanwhile, should be able to build on her post-Pirates Of The Caribbean success as the Pict-like warrior queen.

    But will Arthurian legend fans buy into the film? Given that it still features Sir Lancelot, Merlin and a sword called Excalibur, probably. The hook that this re-telling has some basis in reality ensures that King Arthur is shaping up to be one of the more interesting blockbusters of the summer.

    Alistair Harkness
  • KAtrailer2.jpg

    She's definitely NOT the conventional Queen Guinevere that we all know in dis film...
  • ^di ba masakit yung costume niya?
  • Originally posted by ayamanika
    what happened here?
    why does guinevere have to look like that...

    Because she's supposed be the queen of an Amazon-like race, where their queen is an archer/warrior and not your conventional I'll-stay-in-the-castle-guarding-little-prince-while-weaving-his-bib type of queen.
  • ang ganda ni keira knightley, bagay na bagay sya bilang guinevere...

    MaiJade: no problem *okay*
  • i wonder what Noel Vera would say bout this, given that one of his fave books is T.H. White's The Once and Future King, itself a spin on the Arthurian legend...

    im gonna watch King Arthur...mukhang masaya to! :D

    re: Guinevere's clothes...onga, mukha ngang masakit...naaawa ako sa dibdib nya, parang nawala ang lahat! :D
  • Originally posted by alhanna
    ^di ba masakit yung costume niya?

    That would explain her facial expressions. :D
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