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STRICTLY FOR GUYS ONLY - Would u allow your girlfriend(s) to FLIRT with other GUYS??

mweheheh.. may ganitong topic and mga girls sa kabilang thread eh kaya it's time for us guys to voice our opinions.. hehe
Ito yung 'Male' version ng thread na yun.

Ako, depende. Kung serious na yung relationship namin (like 5-8 years) aba
dapat alam na nya na flirting is an ABSOLUTE NO-NO. Pero pag tipong 1-2 months pa lang kayo, may tendency pa yang makipag-ON sa iba.

Pagnahuli ko sila, kukunan ko ng pic tapos
ilalagay ko sa website ko. With matching banners pa. mweheheh

Kayo.. papayag ba kayo?


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