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Which do u prefer...the one u love or the one who loves u...

Hey guys...I am just so interested as to what u think...when the whole world is crashing...and that, u had to make a choice...which do u prefer...the one u love or the one who loves u?
As for me, I would prefer the one I love even if he doesn't love me back because I think it would be too selfish for me if I would just the one who loves me...it's too unfair for the other person...better be with the person I love even if I end up getting hurt!


  • I think love is a two-way deal...as they say, it takes two to tango and love is not a one-way street; so, in both cases i think someone's gonna end up with a broken heart.
    But if push comes to shove and i gotta choose...i'd choose the one i love...coz if it won't work out, it's gonna be me with the broken heart...and i'd want that instead of causing heartache to another person.
  • Well, if I can't have it both ways, I'd like to choose the one who loves me. As selfish as it sounds, I've been hurt too many times na lang siguro kaya I'm a bit hesitant about allowing myself to fall completely.

    I always thought that marriage would end a "playa's" life but there have been too many broken marriages (of people that I know) wherein the husband cheated on the wife. It came to a point that I thought that I'd marry someone who loves me and I'll just eventually learn to love him. Sama ba?
  • actually, i would agree with CHIQUI regarding this. yah, it may sound selfish, but i want a husband who i know will be loyal to me and will love me truly. one thing, it's easy for me to love when i know that the person REALLY loves me...then eventually, our love will be mutual...(same level) =)
  • if i were to choose, id be with a person who loves me. let's admit it...as they say, everyone of us is selfish by nature and why would we settle for people who'd never satisfy us. it would be too hard if we're the only ones who'll make the efforts while the person we want just sits there enjoying what we could offer.
    also, there's a big possibility that we could fall in love with the person who loves us di ba. mas maganda yung ganon.
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  • choosing "the one who loves u" isn't an act of selfishness at all. i think it's more of a torture (for both parties). imagine staying with someone u don't love and having to pretend! if that isn't enough torture, ewan ko na lang!

    well, i'd go for the one who loves me. it wld be easier on my part to learn to love that person (esp. if he shows how devoted he is to me)... rather than having to make that other person love me. :)
  • Last week I read a book by a book by a brit by the name of Mike gayle.. the book was entitled "my Legendary Girlfriend"

    There was a part in the book which really struck me..

    "Is it really love if the other one does not love you back? is it love if only one is loving?"

  • i will choose the one who loves me.... in that way.. i know,he will take care of my heart and will never have the guts to hurt me ;) [selfish ang dating pero thats what the reality is] ;)
  • PuNkChick & gracia: i agree w/ u guys...it's pretty much better to prefer the one who loves me coz there's a big possibility that the feeling for that person will soon develop...of course, there is a feeling already....dba? nde naman pwedeng wala...??!!??
  • cguro for me i'll prefer the one who loves u...i agree with what osang said na matutunan din naman nating mahalin yung isang tao kung nakikita naman natin how much he loves u... :rolleyes:
    pero accept the fact na mas nakakakilig kung ur with the one you love :eek:
    if u want security u must be with the one who loves u...(kahit sa tingin ng iba eh selfish yun) :(
  • The one who loves me. I've always been asked about this and I told 'em honestly that for once, I'd like to know how it would feel like to have a guy love me more. I know how ChiQui feels about this 'cause I've probably gone through much of the same stuff she has...and it hurts real bad. And when you get hurt real bad, that makes you shy away from the things you used to do before.
  • the one who loves me! :) siyempre kawawa naman ako pag yung mahal ko ayaw sa akin, divah?! :( i mean... pede naman ako madevelop sa nagmamahal sa akin. *naksh*
  • for me, siyempre the one who loves me...but, it much better to the one u love...for it is in giving ur love, u will be learned to love ;)

  • none! it has to be both.

  • let me share with you first my story...

    my bestfriend courted me but i told him to stop. he didn't change after that. in fact he became sweeter and more thoughtful. then i started falling for him but i didn't tell him. i'd rather sacrifice my feelings than sacrifice the friendship. stupid as it may sound, but i "pushed him" so hard to the point that i almost "threw him away". he thought i grew tired of him. that went on for how many months. then one day he told me he thinks he loves someone else (a friend who has been in love with him). i was really hurt but i told him i was happy for him since he found someone who'll love him. i finally gathered courage and told him a few days ago. he said i should have told him from the start so he could have done something about it and so that things between us didn't get complicated. he asked if i still had feelings for him and he asked what i wanted to happen to both of us. we talked again the other day. he told me again that i should have told him. i said: "if what happened didn't take place, you wouldn't find her." he replied: "that's because you threw me away... and i didn't find her. she found me. hindi naman ako ***** para palagpasin pa yung pagkakataon na yon..." i said: "at least mas masaya ka ngayon." he answered: "i can say i am happy but i cannot say i'm happier." :(

    there goes my sad story. i guess it's true that "you don't lose by loving... you lose by holding back" and it's also true that a person can love the one he/she is with. it happened to me. i fell for my bestfriend who has been in love with me but i didn't have the courage to tell him that i was falling for him so he settled for someone who has been in love with him. :(

    here's a sad quote...

    "It's sad to be with someone you think you love only to realize later on that your heart still belongs and will always long for the one you left behind." :(

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