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My friend is talsik laway... help!

ThAHuStLa 40 oz. to freedom
hi doc! jst wna ask u a weid question...

I actually have this good friend of mine who seems to have a problem whenever he speaks. Yes. He is talsik laway. Im starting to feel really uncomfortable at times bcoz of this, to the point of not wanting to strike up a conversation with the person. Is there a way to correct this? Like a therapy or sumthin?



  • Does he have a denture or has braces? Does he have difficulty closing his lips?
  • Hmm, if he is a good friend and considers you as his good friend also, maybe you can tactfully point it out to him. Minsan kasi all it takes is for the person to swallow the excess saliva every once in a while. Kaya dapat someone could make him aware na tumatalsik nga laway niya. :D
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